How-to Video: Make a Flying Saucer Craft

This UFO craft is so awesome it can double as a party favor.


-Hi, my name is Eva and thanks so much for joining me. Today, we're gonna be making flying saucer. To make your flying saucer, you need these materials: hot glue, green tape, a little alien, round stickers, scissors, Slurpee drink cover, small candies, and 2 small plastic balls. To begin your flying saucer, you ill need to start with your 2 balls, and what we're going to do is fill the bottom with some hard candies or you can use toys and other little goodies and use it as a party favorite or just for fun maybe after school you make one for your kid. That would be a lot of fun, but I think that the kids will have of fun throwing this for all their friends and hand out at a party or something. Now that you've filled it, we're going to put our other bowl on top to seal it and instead of using glue, we're going to use some fun tape. So, you can make some strips out of your tape. You can make designs with tape. You can do the whole thing with tape and maybe have them cut it later to open it. It's up to you how they want to do it. Then, I'm just gonna use about 3 pieces and just gonna be a really neat flying saucer, okay. So, you can use markers. So, whatever you like to decorate your UFO, but I'm going to use this cute little stickers, and I'm just gonna stick them on like they are little, I don't know, like little windows or something silly like that, and you can use all different colors. You can use tape to make other designs on it and gonna create it as you like. I think I'm good there. I wanna keep it pretty simple. You can decorate the top a little bit, on the inside, and next we're gonna add our cute little character. I just love them, use this as little alien. You can get these at your little stores, party supply stores, and we're gonna add a little bit of hot, make sure it helps you this part and you can stick the alien wherever the child would like and we're just gonna leave them on top to dry and to seal in our spaceship and finish it off. He needs a protective layer, so nobody can get in. Okay, and we're just gonna add a little bit of hot glue, and there you have your cute little flying saucer.

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