Eye See You Glasses

Craft googly glasses for April Fool'€™s Day with just a few supplies and a little imagination.


-Hi, my name is Eva, and today, we're making a project a called Eye See You, a pair of glasses made from recycled egg carton, and in order for this project to work, you will need these materials: Scissors, egg carton, markers, paint brushes, a pencil, paints, hole punch, and chenille stems. To begin our I see you glasses, we're going to take our recycled egg carton. Don't get rid your egg cartons because we need them for this project, okay? first we're going to cut out our 2 egg cup sections right next to each other, alright, and before, we get to our painting, we're going to poke 2 holes in the sides and 2 holes for the eyes. So, we're going to take a pencil for eyes and just carefully press your pencil down and then we have our hole puncher, and we're going to slide it down the side, make sure you up just a little bit. So, it doesn't come off the edge and rift and we're going to do the same to the other side. So, now you should have 4 holes, 2 for your eyes and 2 on the side. In that way, you can see right through. I see you. Now, we're going to get to the fun part, painting. They can choose any color that they want. If they want white, blue, pink, they can just get crazy with it. So, today, I'm gonna surprise you guys with what I'm going to do, but first I'm gonna start with the white base. Okay, now that you have your first base down of one color, we're going to add little details to it, I'm gonna use a little bit of paint and make a nice little pupil for my eye. Now, that we are finish with our paint, we're going to add some marker details. I'm gonna take some red and make some little veins through the eyes. Now, we're gonna let it dry and we'll go back and add several layers of markers just to make it really pop out. Now that it's dry and we've added several layers to it, where going to add our chenille stems, so that we can wear our cool glasses. So, I'm gonna pick 2 blue chenille stems, so that it matches the color blue of the eyes and what we're gonna do is we're going to leave in and we're going to bring through just a little bit. Bend it back and give a little twist so it stays on, and we're gonna do the same with the other side. Now, that it's complete, let your kids run around and have a lot of fun with these glasses because I know they will and just remember Eye See You.

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