What parent doesn't remember summer days spent running through a lawn sprinkler? Now, your little ones can do the same, but with a giant blow-up unicorn. 


On a hot summer day, there's nothing like cooling off in the backyard, whether you hop in a pool or are lazing in the shade. Of course, one of the most old school—not to mention totally fun—ways for kiddos to combat the heat is by running through a lawn sprinkler. Remember the one that sprayed out like a fan and would go back and forth? It was practically a staple of an '80s or '90s childhood.

Being that it's 2019, there's a whole new, totally whimsical way to enjoy a sprinkler chill-out: with a seven-foot-tall, inflatable, durable vinyl unicorn that doubles as a sprinkler! The BigMouth, Inc. Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler retails for $49.99 at Target. You just connect it to a standard hose and boom—an irresistible summer activity and a fun way to keep your lawn happy and watered.

What child won't be completely mesmerized by having this in their backyard? Now, all you need to do is score this enormous unicorn pool float for your trip to the lake, and there's no doubt this summer is going to be downright magical.