Need a fun trick to get your heart pumping fast? All it takes is a stopwatch to transform simple activities like running, skipping, and balancing into fitness challenges that will have everyone racing to do their best.
kids playing in the park
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Time for Fun

Test your speed (and skill) with these easy feats, then see if you can improve your time with each round. You can time kids with your watch or cell phone, of course, but to heighten the feeling of a race against the clock, consider picking up an inexpensive stopwatch from a sporting goods store.

1. Short Sprint

Using string, cones, or other markers, designate start and finish lines for a short run-up and down the driveway, say, or around your house. Time each family member's sprint, dramatically clicking the watch button as he crosses the finish line.

2. Balancing Act

Time how long each person can balance on one foot.

3. Leaf Hurdles

Rake fallen leaves into several mounds on your lawn, then set a course using the mounds as hurdles. Have each player try for her personal best time.

4. Jump Rope Race See how many full turns each player can jump in one minute.

Originally published in the October 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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