The Top Sleds for Kids in 2021: From Toboggans to Inflatable Ice Dragons

Your children will never want to come inside.
By Allison Cacich
February 04, 2021
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If you live in an area that sees a decent amount of snowfall each year, sledding may be a favorite winter activity in your household. But it can be surprisingly difficult to find sleds for kids that won't crack the moment they hit an unexpected bump or break if the rope gets pulled a little too hard.

In order to save you time and energy, we combed through dozens of products to identify the top sleds for kids on the market. To make your search even easier, we separated the sleds into categories so that you know exactly where to look. For parents with young children, Amazon carries a toddler sled that can hold up to 55 pounds and has an angled backrest to prevent tipping. And for families with more than one kid, Airhead's Classic Snow Sled is built for two—and boasts over 1,400 five-star ratings.

One model that will never go out of style is the toboggan, and L.L.Bean's padded version currently sits at a 4.8-star rating. Reviewers rave about its "quality craftsmanship" and "comfortable cushion." If you're in the market for a tube rather than a sled, the ones from GoFloats come in a variety of fun shapes, including a unicorn and a flamingo.

No matter how old your kids are or how often they like to go sledding, there's an option on this list that will work for your family. Scroll down to see our favorite kids' sleds of 2021.

Credit: Maisonette

Your child will be unstoppable in this Formula 1-style sled that’s equipped with a steering wheel and contoured driver’s seat. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the Snow Flyer has built-in footrests for added control, making it an ideal racing sled.

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Credit: LL Bean

This classic wooden toboggan may look delicate, but it’s built to withstand the elements, and the attached cushions will keep your little ones comfortable as they fly down snow-covered slopes. “You will be the king of the hill on this sled,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “When the neighbors saw it coming down the hill they all wanted to try it.”

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Safely pull your toddler around in the snow with this angled sled that comes with a three-point harness and anti-slip foam seat to keep your child secure. “I would totally recommend this, especially for kids who aren’t ready to go downhill sledding solo yet,” a reviewer from Alaska said of the sled, which is built for children ages 6 months to 36 months.

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Featuring an extra-high back and a built-in adjustable strap to keep your baby upright and protected, this pull sled lets your little ones safely enjoy the snow. One satisfied customer called it the “perfect” gift for their 6-month-old granddaughter: “She hasn’t mastered sitting up alone yet, so this sled was exactly what we needed. She didn’t want to get out of it!” While the wide base makes the sled incredibly stable, it should not be used in snow that is more than four inches deep.

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Credit: LL Bean

This sled, which is made of kiln-dried northern hardwood, is meant to be pulled and has a sturdy red rope that won’t snap when tugged. The included cushion is also water-repellent so you don’t have to worry about the seat getting wet. “We're a big ice fishing family and this is a great way to pull along the little ones with all our gear,” said one five-star reviewer. “Beautiful heirloom to keep in the family.”

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This sled’s upright seat and protective plastic shell make it a great choice for smaller sledders. It has a hand brake on either side for safety—which the occupant can also use to steer—and features a pop-up handle and anti-slip foot holes for easy maneuvering. 

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Saucers prove you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to have fun in the snow—though they are an upgrade from the cafeteria trays you may have used as a kid. This sled comes with two handles for steering and braking, and it’s designed for children ages 8 and older.

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This 36-inch sled is built for speed and comfort. The thick foam material absorbs bumps to create a smoother ride, and it’s supported by a crack-resistant plastic bottom that glides through the snow. According to Amazon shoppers, kids love this sled because it’s “very fast and lightweight”—the perfect combination.

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If you’re looking for an inflatable tube to keep your kids entertained this winter, you might as well get one in the shape of an animal! Your children will be the envy of the entire neighborhood when they show up to the park with a fire-breathing ice dragon or a goggle-wearing penguin. “Many kids and adults wanted to ride them when they saw how fast and far we were able to go down the hill,” one customer, who gave the tube a five-star rating, wrote.

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Made with high-impact plastic, this sled can comfortably fit two small kids and even has two sets of built-in handles. The attached rope doubles as a steering and towing mechanism. “After 20-30 trips down the hill, the sled still looks brand new,” one Amazon shopper commented. “It is super sturdy and will definitely last for a few years.”

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