Use Your Noodle: Pool Noodle Backyard Games

Three easy ways to turn inexpensive pool noodles into awesome backyard toys.

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Ring Things

Our homemade noodle rings can be used to play a host of games, including catch and human ring toss.

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How to Make a Ring

1. Cut a toilet paper tube lengthwise.

2. Roll up the tube and insert it into a thin (2 1/2-inch-wide) hollow pool noodle.

3. Attach the other end of the noodle and secure it with duct tape.

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Video courtesy of Nationwide Children's Hospital.

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Target Station

Join rings into a colorful target for noodle javelins, flying disks, soccer balls, and more. Stakes keep the target upright.

Assign different point values to the rings for an extra challenge.

You can also lay the station on the ground to play hopscotch or beanbag toss or to use it as part of an agility course.

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How to Make a Target Station

Put it together: Duct-tape six rings to one another, then tape them to thicker (3 1/2-inch-wide) hollow pool noodle posts.

Stand it upright: Hammer two 1/2-inch dowels (ours were 48 inches long) securely into the ground and slide the posts on top.

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Hoops Course

Set up a series of wickets for relay races, target practice, soccer croquet, and more.

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How to Make a Wicket

Use a hammer to pound two chopsticks or 1/4-inch dowels (cut to 10 to 12 inches long) halfway into the ground about 30 to 40 inches apart, depending on how tall you want your wickets. Slide a hollow pool noodle in place.

Originally published in the May 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

Additional research by Kimberly Stoney
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