Amazon Has Inflatable Pools, Water Slides, Splash Pads, and More Backyard Water Fun Still on Sale

Who needs a pool when your kids can splash around for less?

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 wasperfectly timed for anyone hoping to step up their backyard fun this summer. If you missed the two-day event, there are still more deals to be had this week, especially if your family is in need of some cooling off. The inflatable pools, splash pads, and water slides available on the site are going to bring so many hours of giggles and squeals — without you ever needing to head to the pool or the beach.

Sure, having your own in-ground pool at home may sound like the ultimate luxury, but it's also a giant hassle. The number of hours you spend on maintaining the right chemicals, cleaning the bottom, cleaning the surface, getting the temperature right, and fixing the pump will never equal the number of hours your kids spend swimming. Maybe the same could be said for owning a seaside vacation home (we'd like to learn that lesson first-hand, anyway). Perhaps those of us without these options should feel grateful that with nothing but a hose, a bit of water pressure, and some of these clever water toys, our children will have every bit as much fun as they would in larger bodies of water.

Amazon is packed with options for inflatable pools ranging from toddler size to big enough for the whole family. You won't swim laps in these pools, but you can definitely cool off and splash around. And if you'd rather your kids run around, they can enjoy some very cute splash pads that gently spray them as they play. Last but not least, you've got water slides. Now, we've told you about the bigger inflatable water slides that will turn your yard into something akin to a carnival ride. But if you're in the market for something lower key (and easier to set up), there are some great post-Prime Day deals on the lawn slides that need nothing but a hose and a running start. (And as a side note: Even the shallowest of these water toys should be used only with adult supervision, because drowning can happen in very small amounts of water.)

Many of the deals we found require an Amazon Prime membership, so don't forget to sign up for a free 30-day trial if you don't already have one.

Now it's time to select your watery fun.

Best Post-Prime Day Deals on Inflatable Pools & Splash Pads

  • Tohibee Splash Pad for Kids, $9.79 (originally $33.99);
  • Mademax 79" Splash Pad, $15.99 (originally $26.99);
  • Vumdua Dinosaur Inflatable Sprinkler Pool, $19.98 (originally $22.99);
  • Splashie Splash Ball - 82" Water Pad with Inflatable Basketball, $40.60 (originally $47.77);
  • Parigo Turtle Sprinkler, $14.22 (originally $14.97);
  • Funavo Inflatable Swimming Pool, $64.99 (originally $89.99);
  • Ingbelle Inflatable Swimming Pool with Volleyball Net, $85.90 (originally $135.90);
  • Jambo Triple Lane Slip, Splash and Slide, $49.99 (originally $64.99);

Best Low-Maintenance Splash Pad

sprinklers, inflatable pools

The Tohibee Splash Pad is on the small side at 68 inches in diameter, making it ideal for younger kids. We like that it has no inflatable elements, so that a little hole or two won't ruin the fun. Hook up that hose and splash away!

To Buy: Tohibee Splash Pad for Kids, $9.79 (originally $33.99);

Best Inflatable Splash Pad for Multiple Kids

sprinklers, inflatable pools

This Mademax Splash Pad is 79 inches in diameter, offering more space for siblings, friends, and even parents to get in on the action. This also does not require advance inflation as the water is what fills the rim around the side, not air.

To Buy: Mademax 79" Splash Pad, $15.99 (originally $26.99);

Best Splash Pad-Kiddie Pool Hybrid

sprinklers, inflatable pools

This is both an inflatable kiddie pool and a splash pad, giving little ones multiple options for getting wet. It can also be used as a pool float, and in winter or on rainy days, you can take it indoors to use as a ball pit.

To Buy: Vumdua Dinosaur Inflatable Sprinkler Pool, $19.98 (originally $22.99);

Best Splash Pad With a Game Element

sprinklers, inflatable pools

If you think your kids will get bored quickly with a regular splash pad, Splashie Splash Ball will give them one more element besides water to play with. This inflatable 82-inch pool has built-in sprinklers and a basketball hoop, and it comes with two inflatable "basketballs."

To Buy: Splashie Splash Ball, $40.60 (originally $47.77);

Best Low-Key Sprinkler Option

sprinklers, inflatable pools

Skip the puddle element of a splash pad and give your little ones a gentler version of the old-fashioned "running in the sprinklers" game. The friendly turtle face and wiggly water straws make us smile just as much as the image of toddlers getting splashed by it.

To Buy: Parigo Turtle Sprinkler, $14.22 (originally $14.97);

Best Inflatable Swimming Pool for the Family

sprinklers, inflatable pools

At 100 x 71 x 22 inches, you're still not going to swim in this pool, exactly, but you will have fun in it. There are three separate air chambers to fill with the included pump, and it's made of thick BPA-free PVC material, making you less likely to wind up in a tidal wave on the lawn when something pokes a hole in it.

To Buy: Funavo Inflatable Swimming Pool, $64.99 (originally $89.99);

Best Pool for Family Games

sprinklers, inflatable pools

Sitting around in still water isn't everyone's thing, so we love that this 118 x 72 x 22-inch pool comes with a volleyball net and an inflatable volleyball. Maybe you'll wind up training a future water polo star while you play!

To Buy: Ingbelle Inflatable Swimming Pool with Volleyball Net, $85.90 (originally $135.90);

Best Lawn Slide for Competitive Types

sprinklers, inflatable pools

The hardest part about any slide is waiting your turn, which is why it's brilliant that this water slide has space for three kids to slide across the water at the same time. Just make sure they stay in their lanes.

To Buy: Jambo Triple Lane Slip, Splash and Slide, $49.99 (originally $64.99);

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