How to Make Ice-Pop-Stick Bowls

Have your child paint a batch of ice-pop sticks. When they've dried, help her assemble them into these vessels using craft glue.

What You'll Need: Paint, paintbrushes, ice-pop sticks, craft glue

Make It:

1. Paint ice-pop sticks in as many colors as desired.

Ice-pop stick how-to one
Peter Ardito

2. Arrange three ice-pop sticks as shown in picture; place a dot of glue at the end of each stick.

Ice-pop stick how-to two
Peter Ardito

3. Lay three more ice-pop sticks on top of the first three to create a hexagon.

4. Repeat until you reach desired bowl height.

5. To make the base, place the next layer of ice-pop sticks slightly inside the previous layers, so that each subsequent layer is closer to the center.

6. When your opening is small enough for a stick to fit across horizontally, complete the base with sticks placed side by side.

Originally published in the June 2015 issue of Parents magazine.

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