Using the sun’s light and treated fabric, your child can make a print of her favorite specimens. Gather toys, trinkets, and natural objects and let the fun begin. Turn the page for the full instructions.

Daylight Designs Craft
Credit: Tara Donne

WHAT YOU’LL NEED White cotton fabric, cut into 18”x18” squares 20”x20” cardboard squares, covered in wax paper Tape Inkodye ($15;; Sponge brush Assortment of objects, such as leaves, branches, shells, rocks, or small toys Inkowash ($14;

MAKE IT 1. Tape fabric squares to wax-paper-covered cardboard. While indoors or in a well-shaded area, paint a thin coat of Inkodye onto the fabric with sponge brush. 2. Have child place objects on the painted fabric. When the arrangement is complete, place it in direct sunlight. 3. After 10 minutes, bring it indoors. Remove the tape and then the objects. Wash the objects immediately if they will be reused. 4. Wash the fabric thoroughly as soon as possible using Inkowash to remove the Inkodye. Hang it up to dry in a well-shaded area.

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