Clever St. Patrick's Day Games for Kids

Get kids pumped to search for the little guys in green. 

girl holding colorful string making funny face Priscilla Gragg
Shoe Sorter
Leprechauns love making shoes, so what better prank for an elf to pull than to create chaos in your mudroom? Secretly shuffle everyone's footwear around so no shoes are paired correctly. Then, ask the kids to match the shoes while racing against a clock. (For an added challenge, tie the laces together!) 

Rainbow Road
What do leprechauns leave in their wake? Rainbows, naturally! Lay a colorful course for your kids to follow—courtesy of your tiny friend—by weaving yarn around trees and in between fences, says Jo Dotson, from the blog Chica and Jo. Each colored string should lead to a mini pot of prizes! 

Gold Rush
Put on a St. Paddy's Day scavenger hunt for lost leprechaun loot. To make gold "nuggets," cover plain rocks with gold paint and immediately sprinkle with gold glitter, suggests Trisha Haas, from the blog Momdot. Once treasures dry, hide them around your house and yard.