Take a Hike! 8 Family-Friendly Tips

Get out your comfy walking shoes and gather your family for a fun and fitness-filled walk. Here's how to make sure kids of all ages have fun out on the trails.

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Fun, Foolproof Family Hikes

kids holding butterfly nets
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Any time is a terrific time to take a hike. Some tips for kid-friendly treks, from Best Hikes With Children in Utah author Maureen Keilty.

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Make Sure Shoes Fit

mother and son on a walk
Jason Lindsey

Try on hiking boots for comfort and fit before you go.

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Getting Ready

trail mix
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Let your kids help prepare for your hike by making trail mix, filling water bottles, and studying maps.

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Choose an Easy Route

father and son on a hike
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Choose an easy route so even the youngest hiker can say, "I walked the whole way!" Most younger children can handle a two-mile hike -- and you may be surprised to see how far older kids walk! But for your first-time out on the trails, start with a gentle mile.

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Stop to Smell the Flowers

child using binoculars to explore nature
Jason Lindsey

Point out wildflowers, waterfalls, and birds' nests along the way.

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Invite a Trail Buddy

kids exploring nature
Peter Krumhardt

Let your child invite a friend. She'll have more fun -- and be less likely to complain.

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Follow the Leader

family on a hike
John Noltner

Give everyone -- even the youngest trail-goers -- a turn as the hike leader.

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Stay Hydrated

child drinking at water fountain
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Make frequent stops for water and snacks.

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Positive Reinforcement is Key!

woman hugging son

Praise patience and playfulness early and often.

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