From toddlers to teens, preschoolers to even parents, these backyard water toys and games will keep everyone occupied outside for hours on end this summer.

By Kat de Naoum
June 01, 2020
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Keeping the kids occupied, happy, and cool all summer may sound like an insurmountable feat—especially this year when they’re confined to the backyard. (Thanks, COVID-19.) But just because we’re having a tough year doesn’t mean families can’t make some fun summer memories, and these outdoor water toys for kids will make it even easier to do. Whether you've got a toddler or a tween, these practical and exciting backyard water toys for kids of all ages are sure to guarantee hours of outdoor entertainment.

Note: All children’s water toys and games should be played with under adult supervision.

BigMouth Giant 6-foot Unicorn Yard Sprinkler

Kids Water Toys: Unicorn Sprinkler
Credit: Courtesy of JCPenny's

Be prepared for an abundance of squealing in the yard this summer thanks to the BigMouth giant inflatable unicorn sprinkler. Standing at a whopping 6-feet-tall and shooting water out of its horn (once you connect a garden hose), this thing will delight kids of all ages. It also comes in a five-foot corgi version, but if you think that’s not dramatic enough for your offspring, you can opt for the towering nine-foot giraffe style. Ages: 1 and up 

Buy It! $54 (originally $60) with code BATHPERK; JC Penney

Blue Whale Sprinkler Pool

Kids Water Toys: Whale Sprinkler
Credit: Courtesy of Zulily

This little whale-shaped inflatable sprinkler pool is a great way for toddlers and younger kids to stay cool and have some fun on those hot summer days. Attach a garden hose to the front of the pool for this whale's blowhole to come alive, then sit back as laughter and splashing ensues. Ages: 1 and up

Buy It! $16; Zulily

59-inch Fish Print Wading Pool

Kids Water Toys: Mini Backyard Pool
Credit: Courtesy of True Value

For a simple way to keep the kids distracted this summer, fill this cute 59-inch fish and turtle printed wading pool with water or sand and let them play for hours. It’s a sturdy and durable little pool, and at $15, it's a pretty economical way to keep kids happy. “Just what I needed for two toddlers,” reported one satisfied parent in the reviews. Ages: 1 and up

Buy It! $15; True Value

Little Tikes Fish 'n Splash Water Table

Kids Water Toys: Little Tikes Water Table
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

From a tipping fishbowl and a spinning lily pad, to a water launcher and tons of critters to catch with the fishing rod, this activity table has plenty of bells and whistles to keep toddlers amused for the afternoon. One happy shopper credits gifting this water table to her nephew for earning her the title of "best aunt IN THE WORLD!" Ages: 2 and up

Buy It! $40;

Step2 Water Park Arcade

Kids Water Toys
Credit: Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

The Step2 Water Park Arcade is about as much excitement a kid can have practicing hand-eye coordination. The aim of this at-home arcade-like game is to hit the various targets with your water blaster (included)—a spinning paddle, pinwheel, and several knock-down flaps. Ages: 3 and up

Buy It! $50; Bed Bath & Beyond

AquaPlay Container Port Water Table

Kids Water Toys
Credit: Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

The intricate AquaPlay water table includes a port basin, access ramp, large gantry crane, and many other accessories that allow children to learn while they play. They can load and unload containers manually with the crane and crank the handle to generate a current, teaching them how currents are created as well as the ins and outs of real-life canal systems while they play. Ages: 3 and up

Buy It! $120; Bed Bath & Beyond

ECR4Kids 4-Station Sand and Water Activity Play Table Center

Kids Water Toys
Credit: Courtesy of Target

For an organized way to play and learn, these classroom-grade sand and water activity play tables with lids are a great choice. The basins are removable for easy cleaning and the height is adjustable to accommodate kids of all ages. There are also similar two-station versions if you don’t have a lot of space or prefer something smaller. Ages: 3 and up

Buy It! $160 (originally $280);

Victoat Inflatable Bounce House with Jump Water Slide, Pool, and Air Blower

Safe Inflatable Bounce House 2 Play Area Kids Jump Castle
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

As far as inflatable water toys for kids go, you can count on this insane bounce house jumping castle—with inbuilt slide and pool—to be worth the bucks your going to spend. With a castle made for jumping to your heart’s content and a slide leading directly into a pool of water (or ball pit in the winter), you might be tempted to get in there yourself! Ages: 3 and up

Buy It!; $484

Nickelodeon Bubble Blastin' Machine

Kids Water Toys
Credit: Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

Nothing makes children (and pets) quite as giddy as bubbles, so spending a little over 10 bucks on a bubble blasting machine might just turn out to be the best purchase you’ll make all year. All you have to do is press the "on" button and let the rotating bubble wands produce bubble after bubble for endless fun. The machines come in Shimmer and Shine and PJ Mask versions so you you can pick the one your kid will love most. Ages: 3 and up

Buy It! $14; Bed Bath & Beyond

HearthSong Water Slide

Kids Water Toys
Credit: Courtesy of Zulily

Turn your backyard into a private water park with this 12-foot water slide from HearthSong. Complete with two inflatable speed boards to help them zoom down the slippery straightaway, kids will need no help keeping themselves entertained once this bad boy is set up in the yard. Ages: 4 and up

Buy It! $40; Zulily

NERF Super Soaker Scatter Blast Water Blaster

Kids Water Toys
Credit: Courtesy of Target

You don’t always need to go big when it comes to summer toys for kids. Enter the water blaster, AKA maybe the easiest (and cheapest) way to beat the heat and any potential boredom. The NERF Super Soaker can hold up to 22 ounces of water and launch five water streams clear across the yard—just be prepared to become a moving target at some point. Ages: 6 and up

Buy It! $10; Target

HearthSong Mega Bubble Making Kit

Kids Water Toys
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Newsflash: Your child's fascination with bubbles is not limited to the small floating kinds. With the HearthSong Mega bubble kit, kids can make bubbles so enormous, they can literally stand inside them! The set is comprised of a bubble-making ring, bubble pool, and special bubble concentrate for the biggest bubbles your family has ever seen. Ages: 6 and up

Buy It! $55;

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