10 Fun Backyard Games to Get Kids Active

Once school's out, your kids might be tempted to sit in front of a screen all day. (As if!) These fun backyard games and activities will get them active—and out of the house!

All Day Croquet

You can't go wrong with this classic game. Your kiddos will have fun thinking through strategies and feeling extra prim and proper as they learn all about croquet. Play along with the kids to teach them the rules of the game and how to be a good sport during some competition. This set has enough mallets for six players, so invite the neighbor kids! ($40; toysrus.com)

Cool Pool

Instantly turn your backyard into a fun safari and give your wee little ones a way to cool off on hot summer days. They'll be enamored with the elephant sprinkling water out of its trunk, and when they need a little more shade they can take cover under the little giraffe canopy. Whether they're sliding, splashing, or running through the sprinkler, they're sure to be all smiles with this animal-themed pool. ($30; buybuybaby.com)

Up, Up, and Away

Bring the best part of your kids' elementary gym classes into your own backyard! This 8-foot parachute has handles for up to 12 kids, so make sure to invite some friends over to play. Your kiddos can flap it up, run underneath it, or let their imaginations go wild and make up a new game with the included plastic balls. Store the colorful pieces all together in the accompanying carrying pouch for instant on-the-go fun. ($20; target.com)

Shoots and Ladders

Ladderball, anyone? Your kids will get a kick out of this lasso golf game. Play it in the backyard, bring it to the park, or take it along on those three-day getaway summer weekends to entertain the whole family. Fun and challenging, this portable set comes with two sets of target ladders and six sets of lasso golf balls, all color-coordinated, of course, to promote a bit of friendly competition ($33; walmart.com)

Catch Some Rays

Play catch—but ditch the mitt. The ball sticks right to these paddles for easy, fun, and endless games of catch. The hand straps are adjustable for any size hand, and because the paddles are compact, they're great to bring to family gatherings, holidays, or birthday parties. ($7; toysrus.com)

Play Ball

Summer and baseball go together like peanut butter and jelly. Get your little one started on this American classic with a batting tee-ball set that you can adjust as your kiddo grows. The removable bat guide can help her judge where to hit, and the included bat and ball can be used with (or without) the tee! ($20; albeebaby.com)

Boss Toss

Whether you call it bags, cornhole, or anything in between, this classic backyard game is a must! This set comes with eight beanbags and two wooden goal boards that are lighter than typical boards for ultimate portability. So load them up for the family BBQ or bring them along to the school fun day. Your kids will have a blast playing this outdoor game while also working on their hand-eye coordination. ($30; buybuybaby.com)

Backyard Bumpin'

Bring bumper cars right to your backyard—just replace the cars with these inflatable body bumper suits. The blow-up suits are super safe and durable (but a repair patch is included, just in case) and are sure to give your kids hours of fun. This outdoor game may seem a little odd, but if you have rambunctious kiddos who love to run and bop around, these body bumpers are a great way for them to burn off that pent-up energy! ($15; walmart.com)

Swing It Around Town

Your kids will be enthralled with this tetherball-tennis hybrid game. The genius lies in this game's portability — you don't have to dig a hole in the ground to install the pole. Simply set up the base on any flat surface and then let the games begin! Watch your kids volley the tennis ball back and forth with the included rackets and enjoy witnessing a swingball champion emerge with each new game that is played. ($50; hearthsong.com)

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

It's Kan Jam! This go-anywhere game combines flying discs and the scoring rules of bags. Get the disc in your opponent's can (or deflect it!) to score points. To spice things up, suggest to your kiddos to set the cans farther apart and incorporate some ultimate Frisbee game rules. The extra challenge will definitely get them active as they run around the yard. With easy set-up and storage, this game is perfect fun for backyards, beaches, and beyond. ($40; target.com)

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