13 Virtual Field Trips Kids Can Take from Your Living Room

Stuck indoors and looking for something for the kids to do? Let them venture somewhere amazing from the sofa.

After a year of the pandemic, parents are still looking for safe, fun things for their kids to do that haven't been canceled in the wake of the coronavirus. And if your child's class field trip is no longer happening but your kiddo is climbing the walls, maybe a virtual field trip is in order. Even if you can't go outside, you can still take in some pretty amazing stuff from the safety of your sofa. Here are some of the incredible places you can go without leaving home.

Take in Some Culture

Get a little high culture daily courtesy of New York's Metropolitan Opera, which has some of the best performances of recent years available to watch on demand. (Bonus: You can wear PJs while you watch!) Or get free access to the Berlin Philharmonic's entire catalog of concerts to enjoy some of their best symphonies—or check out the highlights of the London Symphony Orchestra.

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Check in With the Animals

Animal lovers are in luck, with a slew of animal live-streams available online. The San Diego Zoo has live cams of some of their favorite stars—like the adorable koalas or the penguins. (Though just like a real-life zoo trip, the animals aren't always in view!) You can also meet and greet favorites at the Cincinnati Zoo (starting with their beloved Fiona the hippo) each day on Facebook. Check out the giant pandas, elephants, and naked mole-rats at the National Zoo on their webcams.

If you prefer animals that live in the water, Monterey Bay Aquarium lets you peep in on otters, sharks, jellyfish, and more, while the National Aquarium has coral reefs and reef sharks on view. And Discovery Education has a cool Tundra Connections video that takes you where no field trip has gone before—a tundra to visit the polar bears.

Spend a Night (or Day) at the Museum

No, the T. Rex won't come to life, but you can see some of the coolest exhibits around. Hop over to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to check out the dinosaurs and other exhibits—and yes, you can even check out the gift shop. New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art has immersive looks at the highlights of their massive collection, and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum's digital collection is perfect for history buffs looking to explore the aircraft carrier Intrepid, submarine Growler, and artifacts from history you won't find anywhere else.

Travel Through Time and Space

Google's Arts & Culture page can let you go around the world in a single afternoon, from the grand halls of the Palace of Versailles to the ancient wonders of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Theater fans can get an inside peek at some of the most legendary stages of the world, including both the Sydney and the Paris Opera Houses, history buffs can take a tour of Anne Frank's home, and budding scientists can get a tour of the International Space Station.

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