Tumbling Tapeweed

Make a piece of recording tape tumble along an illustrated cowboy path. Idea from FamilyFun magazine.


-Every cowboy will tell you there's no place on earth only in the wide open range. The place is so dry and lifeless. Blown and tumbled weed could be your only friend. This one is so simple even the green horn can make it. Here's how. Draw yourself a rugged [unk], craters, maybe even an old cowboy trail. Go cross digging for a hunk of magnetite. On second thought, just pull yourself, magnet it off of your fringe and while you're at it, lasso an old worthless cassette tape. Yank out about 6-inches of tape and give it a snip. That's a good one. Now, use your magnet and make that a little tangle of tape tumble around your desert. Sure, it's pretty, ain't it? Look at her go. Oh, boy. There she goes. Family fun.

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