Make a Moody Monster

Save your toilet paper rolls to form playful puppets for a rainy day.


-These moody monsters are the perfect Rainy Day Project for you and your kids. They are easy to craft, require basic materials, and then make playful puppets when they're dry. We're gonna show how to make the goofy green monster, but you can follow the same simple steps to create his friends. Before you begin, cover your work surface with craft paper or newspaper and roundup your materials. You will need a cardboard tube, scissors, paint, and a paint brush, a marker and coins for tracing, craft glue, yarn, felt, and googly eyes. First, apply a coat or two of the acrylic paint to the outside and inside edge of the cardboard tube. When it's covered completely, set it aside to dry. Now, let's make this monster spots. Trace a coin unto felt using a marker and cut the circle out. Repeat using various coins to creat 8 to 10 different sized box. Use craft glue to attach each felt circle to the painted tube. Space them about 1/2 inch apart and be sure to leave a narrow area of the tube empty for the monster's space. Glue a black felt rectangle at the top of the tube for a brow and glue 2 white rectangles on the bottom half of the tube for this teeth. Attach 2 mismatched googly eyes under the brow with glue. Next, measure and cut about 25 3-inches pieces of yarn for the monster's hair and cut a 1-inch piece of black yarn for his mouth. Glue them out above the teeth, then apply a line of glue around the inside of the tube. Press 1 end of the 3-inch yarn pieces onto the glue line until the monster has full head of hair. Let your moody monster dry overnight, then your child complete the day away with his cardboard creation.

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