15 Best Exercise Videos on YouTube to Do With Kids

Whether you're practicing social distancing or it's just a rainy day, these fun free workout videos recommended by family fitness experts are a great way to blow off steam inside.

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Even before social distancing, you likely had a few go-to cardio and yoga workout videos favorited on YouTube. But your kids? Probably not. Fast forward to summer 2020, though, and parents are most definitely not the only ones who can benefit from getting a good workout at home.

"Exercise is a powerful mood-booster, it generates play and silliness for everyone and if you can shift your expectations from it being about your own deep workout time, to a family activity, where everyone gets to move and release pent up energy, you'll find that it is really fun and often a bonding experience for the whole family," says Rachel Welch, yoga instructor and founder of Revolution Motherhood in New York City.

Not only that, but exercise offers some pretty incredible physical and mental benefits. "Working out releases endorphins which create a sense of happiness, boosts mood, and helps one to increase in creativity and productivity leading to better parenting," says Nicole Steen, fitness expert and Zumba instructor in Los Angeles.

By having your kids work out with you, you are not only helping yourself, but their health and well-being as well. "Physical activity can increase our moods, boost our immune systems, and give us parents that extra energy we need to care for our little ones!" says Amanda Tanigawa, dance teacher and barre instructor in Kapaa, Hawaii. "Getting your children involved in your workouts not only helps keep their bodies healthy, but it can help combat depression, help with motor skills, and my favorite thing is that it's a great way to bond as a family."

Thanks to YouTube, getting in structured, daily movement doesn't have to be intimidating. Here are the best workout videos you can do as a family recommended by fitness professionals.

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Let's Get Moving! Workout

"This workout is simple and has cardio, strength and stretching!" —Monica Flores, barre expert and founder of Endurance Barre in Dallas, Texas.

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Family Fun Trolls Dance Workout

"I incorporated fun music that both kids and parents will enjoy and I made the movements fun by adding dance in to the workout because I think we all enjoy exercise a lot more when we're having fun!" —Amanda Tanigawa, dance teacher and barre instructor in Kapaa, Hawaii.

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Stretch Routine for the Inflexible

"Stretching is so important for our bodies, and the majority of us aren't stretching properly or aren't incorporating enough of it into our days. This video is from Dansique Fitness and it is great for stretching since it is geared towards all different levels of flexibility!" —Amanda Tanigawa

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30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout

"This 30-minute Cardio Latin Dance workout is perfect for parents and kids alike because it's like a fun dance party! It gives parents the chance to work on their basic salsa steps, while at the same time it gives the kids a chance to jump around and feel free! Parents and children can have their own little Latin Dance party while they are working up a sweat. They will forget they're even working out in the first place!" —Nicole Steen, fitness expert and Zumba instructor in Los Angeles.

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Walk 15: Family Mile With Nick

"This cardio Walk Workout with Nick is so much fun! It gives the whole family an opportunity to get those steps in while doing fun moves laughing, sweating, and just having a good time. Whoever thought walking a mile could be so fun? This workout is for your grandma, grandpa, and even that little toddler who just learned how to walk. This is a perfect workout for the entire family!" —Nicole Steen

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No-Equipment At-Home Pregnancy Workout

"This workout is accessible for anyone, man or woman, pregnant or postpartum. It requires no equipment which makes it easily accessible to do at home and also worry-free if you have young kids around who want to copy your movements or play in the same space." —Claire Gray, personal trainer and creator of The Mamatrainer App in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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No-Equipment At-Home Workout With Kids

"This is a great example of how a workout might look with kids around. It's important to accept that interruptions are inevitable but it doesn't have to take away from your workout as long as you have realistic expectations and are flexible with your movements. You can also see how much fun the kids are having which will go a long way to instilling a positive association with exercise." —Claire Gray

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At-Home Total Body Slimming Workout - Using Only a Couch!

"Fun workout for parents and kids alike because who doesn't want to workout only using a couch?!" —Alanna Chan, professional dancer and owner of Luna Performing Arts in New York City.

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obé strength x KIDZ BOP

"This video is a great beginner friendly strength workout to great Kidz Bop tracks!" —Alanna Chan

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NapTime 20 : Yoga Flow with Revolution Motherhood

"This is a great flow to do with your kids. It lets them play with balance, big ranges of motion and yoga poses (which they inherently love). It's great for parents in that it is full body - with a warm up, cool down, booty and core toning all woven together with flowing vinyasas. It's also just the right length to give you all a great movement practice while remaining within your kids' attention span." —Rachel Welch, yoga instructor and founder of Revolution Motherhood in New York City.

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Home Exercises For Kids with Stephen Trussell

"I love this video for its quick, balanced sequence that includes both an adult trainer and kids teaching so that everyone can feel engaged and guided by the video." —Rachel Welch

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Dymatize Workout with Brooke

"This workout is great for parents and kids alike because it engages a lot of your core muscles for a full bodyweight workout. It's simple, easy, and little to no equipment is needed. This workout can be done in the comfort of your living room or even your backyard. To modify for kids, cut the circuit time in half and make sure they are drinking plenty of water and take breaks between each circuit." —Brooke Erickson, a Dymatize athlete and an IFBB nutrition/transformation coach in Boise, Idaho.

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Family Fun Cardio Workout

"During this pandemic it is so important for daily movement and activity. Especially if you're working from home for more than 8 hours and you're constantly sitting in front of your computer screen. This is a fun cardio workout." —Sandy Co, certified personal trainer and registered holistic nutritionist in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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Family Yoga Class

There's plenty benefits of yoga for kids and adults! "Daily movement allows you to have some time for yourself, and it makes you feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is a fun family yoga workout from Manduka Yoga." —Sandy Co

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Zoofari Fun Youth Exercise

"It's an easy and quick idea to do anywhere to teach kids about animals, and encourage animal movement." —Katrina Pilkington, NASM-certified personal trainer and youth exercise specialist

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