8 Bathtub Activities

Your kids will love these splish-splashing bathtub games.

Bath time doesn't have to be a struggle, or even just a wash-and-go affair. Try these activities for tons of tub fun, and both you and your child will look forward to happy bath time:

1. Make a hand puppet by sewing two washcloths together. Have the puppet talk to her in a funny voice as you soap her up with it.

2. Try the new shampoos and conditioners or "bath crayons" made of soap. These often have kid-friendly scents like strawberry and watermelon (but make sure your child understands they're not for eating!).

3. Sculpt your child's shampooed hair into different shapes. Let her peek in a handheld mirror to see how funny she looks.

4. Use a small sand shovel or other toy to wet and rinse your child's hair. This makes hair washing more fun, and he won't have to put his head under water if he doesn't want to.

5. Throw some plastic toys in the tub to see which ones float. Have your child play "lifeguard" to rescue the toys that sink.

6. Create an assembly line. You wash your child as she washes her waterproof doll or toy.

7. Put a tub twist on old familiar tunes. For example, sing, "Wash your right hand in, wash your right hand out. Do the Hokey Pokey as you rinse it off right now. That's what it's all about!" Or, "If you're happy and you know it, wash your tummy!"

8. Punch holes in the bottom of an empty yogurt container. Have your child fill it with bath water to make it "rain" in the tub.

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