Help your kids build a fantastic blanket fort with easy tips from Laura Dahl, cofounder of

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Might Fortress Brother and Sister Smile Play In Fort Blankets
Credit: Priscilla Gragg

What kid doesn't love creating a cool, cozy, built-for-fun play fort? Help your little ones put together a fantastic blanket fort with these four easy tips from cofounder Laura Dahl.

Consider a Kit 

Couches and chairs will always be key components, but a building set like the ones from EZ-Fort ($33 and up) can bring the creation to the next level. “These click-together tubes let you build upward safely,” says Dahl. It’s totally not cheating!

Create a Cool Entrance

Maybe you have to crawl around the back and do a secret knock or shimmy through a dark tunnel made out of blankets before you get to the main space. “An element of secrecy is key,” says Dahl.

Get Personal

“The thing my son loves most about forts is that they’re a space all his own—right out of his imagination,” says Dahl. That’s why it’s fun to customize them. Use fabric markers on old sheets to create “art” to hang up, or make signs with leftover cardboard.

Add Mood Lighting

“We always have a strand of Christmas lights around for just this reason,” Dahl says. The twinkling glow adds a touch of coziness. Also fun: Deck the fort with flameless candles. Then pile in throw rugs and pillows for super snuggling.

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