10 Fun Fall Activities

Pumpkin Bread
Monica Buck
Enjoy the colors and flavors of autumn with these kid-friendly ideas.
Angie Arthur Photography
Angie Arthur Photography

Paper Apples

Set the theme with this simple, low-cost craft for fall. Add variety to your display by making orange pumpkins, too!

What you'll need: Colored cardstock, brads, scissors, hole punch

Make it:

  1. Cut leaves and punch a hole in the end of each leaf.
  2. Cut colored cardstock into four 10-inch by ½ inch strips, and punch a hole in both ends of each strip and in the center.
  3. Place brad through all 4 center holes, then another brad through all end holes.
  4. Spread strips in a circle and secure the brad.
Kim Byers
Kim Byers

Acorn Cookies

These fall-inspired cookies are made from kids' favorite sweets.

Mini Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies
Hershey's kisses
Black Licorice

Make it:

  1. Attach Hershey's kiss to bottom of a mini Keebler stripe cookie with a dot of icing.
  2. Place a small amount of icing in the center hole of the cookie and insert a short piece of black licorice for your stem.

Frame Your Fall

Gather a few fall leaves from your garden and turn them into works of art. Press your leaves between a glass frame and display them on your mantle all year-round.

Courtesy of Choose to Thrive Blog
Courtesy of Choose to Thrive Blog

Message in a Bottle

Recycle some bottles to make a great table centerpiece or windowsill decoration.

What you'll need: vinyl, brown empty jars, craft scissors, Mod Podge, bundles of wheat

Make it: If your bottles have labels, soak them in warm water for 10-20 minutes and then rub off the label. Spell out "FALL" with your favorite font on your computer, and print. Trace onto some vinyl sheets and cut with craft scissors. Apply Mod Podge to the backs of your letters and attach to the bottles. Finally, insert a bunch of wheat stems into the bottle -- you want them to fit snugly.

If your munchkins are looking for a new stuffed buddy, create a cozy fall critter with these easy instructions.

Courtesy of Quiltish Blog
Courtesy of Quiltish Blog

Felt Leaf Garland

Link together these felt leaves to add some fall color to your house.

What you'll need: cardboard or paper, different colored felt, brown or black thread, scissors

Make it: Make several leaf templates -- you can trace real leaves or freehand a few. Trace your template onto different colored felt and cut out. Using a sewing machine, add the leaf vein detail. Keep threading the leaves without cutting the thread, and you'll automatically link your leaves into a fun, colorful garland.

Courtesy of The Spotted Fox Blog
Courtesy of The Spotted Fox Blog

Pinecone Garland

String up some pompoms and pinecones to make this simple fall decoration.

What you'll need: pinecones, a bag of pompoms, heavy-duty thread, needle

Make it: Thread your needle and push it through five different color pompoms, leaving a little space between each one. Then, tie on a pinecone by wrapping your thread around the first few prongs of the cone. Continue this until your garland is as long as you like, and hang it from your mantle, your door, or your entry table.

Lisa Hubbard
Lisa Hubbard

Baked Apples

For a simple, crowd-pleasing treat try these tasty baked apples.

Burcu Avsar
Burcu Avsar

Apple-Toss Board

A precut presentation board from an office supply store becomes a perfect toss board for these apple-toss beanbags. Let the games begin!

What You'll Need

Box cutter, straight edge, tri-fold presentation board, pencil, bowl or other round object, craft paint, paintbrush, packing tape, hole punch (optional), 1 yard ribbon (optional)

Make It

  1. Using a box cutter and a straight edge, cut both flaps of the presentation board from the bottom inner corner to the top outer corner in a straight diagonal and fold flaps under to give the board its incline.
  2. With a pencil, draw a tree and, using a bowl as a guide, trace 3 circles within the leafy part of the tree.
  3. Cut out circles with box cutter.
  4. Paint red rings around the cutout circles, then paint tree trunk and leaves.
  5. To make the flaps stand at a right angle, reinforce with a piece of packing tape. For a more permanent reinforcement, punch holes in the top corners of the flaps and thread a piece of ribbon through holes. Knot ribbon to secure.
Monica Buck
Monica Buck

Shortcut Pumpkin Bread

Jazz up a box of cake mix with some canned pumpkin puree.

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