50 Ways to Get Through Cabin Fever

Use this list of creative activities for kids to create a jar of fun things to do at home—then pull them out when boredom strikes.

Whether you're hunkering down because of bad weather or it's that time of year when there is nowhere to go and it feels like there is nothing to do, you might find yourself fending off cabin fever. To help keep everyone's spirits up, try creating this ultimate boredom buster; a cabin fever activity jar.

We've gathered 50 awesome ideas for things to do while stuck inside. Write each one on a small strip of paper, add them to a jar, then enlist every family member to help pick one to do whenever you need a boost of inspiration.

1. Say hello! Make tin-can or paper-cup string telephones.

2. Design a family crest using meaningful images and symbols.

3. Hold a Hula-hoop contest.

4. Make sock puppets.

5. Craft cootie catchers.

6. Tie-dye coffee filters with food coloring and hang them in a window like stained glass.

7. Empty a matchbox and take turns filling it with lots of tiny objects.

8. Play archaeologist. Bury "fossils" (plastic dinosaurs) in the sandbox and excavate.

9. Finger paint!

10. List what you'd bring if you had to live on a desert island.

11. Dream up a make-believe animal and describe it. Bonus: Draw it!

12. Draw something using only the letters in your name.

13. Build a hallway tent with a sheet and a tension rod.

14. Go fishing—indoors—with paper fish with paper clips attached. Use a rod with a magnet on the end of the string.

15. Listen to audiobooks for kids. Audible.com has classics like Stuart Little and Pippi Longstocking. Browse the children's section!

16. Fly a kite.

17. Host an indoor picnic.

18. Start a long-jump contest.

19. Use moss, twigs, and rocks to create a terrarium.

20. Sketch a shape and challenge your child to finish the drawing.

21. Put together your own puzzle by cutting up photos or postcards.

22. Roll out Bubble Wrap, tape it down, and jump and play.

23. See who can build the highest block tower.

Family at home child playing with building blocks
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24. Put on blindfolds and do a taste test of different random foods.

25. Lie down and get up without using your arms.

26. Mix 6 cups water + 2 cups dishwashing soap + 1 cup light corn syrup = big bubbles.

27. Put on a concert and record it. Download the Little Fox Music Box app for $3 on iTunes

28. Draft a handwritten letter to a pen pal or a far-flung relative.

29. Plot out an indoor obstacle course.

30. Get coloring! Download tons of free printable coloring pages here.

31. Hopscotch! Get a refresher on the rules on how to play here.

32. Throw an impromptu dance party.

33. Fold airplanes. Here's a simple how-to!

34. Switch it up: Kids dress like parents, and parents like kids.

35. Press flowers and leaves between sheets of wax paper; then iron.

36. Fill and decorate a time capsule in a shoe box.

37. Play hot potato.

38. Trace your shadow on the asphalt with chalk.

39. Jump in a pile of leaves: Make leaf angels.

40. Adorn your bike with streamers or stickers.

41. Dance with a balloon; don't let it touch the floor.

42. Play mirror and mimic your partner's actions.

43. Toss Ping-Pong balls into an egg carton.

44. Make water and food coloring "potions" —with a parent's permission!

45. Play leapfrog.

46. Draw a map of your neighborhood.

47. Do the limbo!

48. Pretend to be a lion tamer with a Hula-hoop.

49. Cartwheel contest: Who can do the most?

50. Create a stuffed animal zoo and make "habitats" in different rooms.

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