Your Kid Grows Up Fast—Here Are 3
Clever Ways Amazon Kids+ Keeps Up

Preschoolers and middle schoolers don’t share a whole lot of interests. Here’s how to keep them entertained as they learn, no matter how old they are.

Some kids are screen-time butterflies, flitting from app to e-book to video to games. Others are more like caterpillars, absorbing what they need before moving on.

To make sure both kinds of children have exactly what they hunger for as they grow up, Amazon Kids+ gives you endless variety and flexible controls. Use them to tailor your kid’s experience with fun, often educational material that grows with them, from ages three to 12.

Here are just a few ways your little (or not-so-little) ones can let loose in a safe digital playground built just for them.


For kids of all ages:

Learn and play, anywhere they go

With Amazon Kids+, it’s easy for your child to discover something that excites them. No matter which of these devices they’re using, when they’re signed into a child profile, they’ll find ways to explore and have fun that are just right for their age level and interests:

  • On Fire Tablets, kids can explore and get access to more than 20,000 popular apps and games, videos, books, Audible books, and educational content.
  • Kindles let kids read thousands of books, from beloved picture books like The Pout-Pout Fish to the complete Harry Potter series.
  • Echo devices have thousands of hours of Audible books. All your child has to say is, “Alexa, tell me a story,” or request a specific title to start listening.
  • Echo Shows provide the full Reading Sidekick experience, with Alexa and your child reading together—perfect when you need a little time to yourself! (More on that below.)
  • Fire TV offers kids thousands of shows and movies—educational and fun—selected just for their age group.

For kids ages Six to nine:

Reading Sidekick with Echo Devices

Early readers (or struggling ones) improve quickly when they read with someone else—but let’s face it, you’re not always available. With Reading Sidekick, your child:

  • Chooses from hundreds of books included with an Amazon Kids+ subscription
  • Says, “Alexa, let’s read,” or “Alexa, open Reading Sidekick”
  • Takes turns reading aloud with Alexa

Alexa will listen, help your child if they can’t make out a word, and provide encouragement. It’s a great way to help kids grow into independent readers—and it meets kids where they are developmentally.


For older kids:

A more “grown up” experience

As children begin to feel more independent, many shy away from anything that feels babyish. When they’re signed into a child profile, kids ages six to 12 can go on their own adventure with Amazon Kids+:

  • On Fire Tablets, the new homepage looks more like your own tablet—but kids can’t stumble onto anything inappropriate. That’s right, no more worrying if you left a streaming window open on your own device.
  • The offerings include thousands more apps, videos, and books for older kids, as well as films rated PG and PG-13. Kids can feel in control, without getting ahead of themselves.

Basically, whatever your older kid is looking for, they’ll find it on Amazon Kids+. And you’ll never have to worry they’re being exposed to things they shouldn’t see.


Making Screen Time


Managing kids and screen time isn’t exactly easy—have you ever met a child who voluntarily powers down? Whichever screen your child is using, Amazon Kids+ gives you the peace of mind that comes with flexible, easy-to-use parental controls. And better yet, you can customize the settings for each child remotely, on your Parent Dashboard or the Amazon Kids+ mobile app. Rest easy knowing that you can…

  • Set time limits by activity. Got a kid who would watch videos all day long? The Daily Time Limit setting lets you decide whether to establish separate limits for videos and reading, or one total amount for the day.
  • Avoid questionable content. With Age Filters, your children won’t encounter anything they shouldn’t. Choose an age minimum and maximum, and they’ll only see appropriate material.
  • Prevent transition battles. You don’t have to hear “Just one more!” when it’s time to stop for the day or break for dinner. Set a turn-off time, which signals your child to wind down for bed. Or use the locking feature for a specific time to ensure they don’t miss a meal.
  • Prioritize learning. Set educational goals to help your child stay on track. Before they watch games or play videos, for instance, Amazon Kids+ can have them solve math or reading problems.
  • Keep track. You’ll find weekly and three-month activity reports in the Parent Dashboard, with details on what your child has been using and how much time they’ve spent with each type of content.

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