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Here’s What Families Are Most Excited to Do Post-Vaccine


One year into the COVID 19 pandemic, it can be hard to remember what life looked like before the days of face masks, social distancing, and family events over Zoom. Now, with over 104 million people fully vaccinated in the United States, things are looking brighter. For those who have been working and parenting from home this past year, “normalcy” made possible by vaccines is especially exciting.

Parents have a lot to look forward to after the shot, including taking the kiddos to visit grandparents, embarking on family vacation, and treating themselves to some much-needed TLC. Half of Americans are enthusiastic about their kids returning to the classroom, and 30% intend to spend more money on in-person dining, entertainment, and travel with family and friends. As summer vacation approaches, there’s plenty of hope to go around!

Interested in what parents are saying about what post-vaccine life looks like for them? We’ve compiled some findings for you.