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5 Mom Headaches Every Parent Has Experienced

The things we do for our kids… 

Kids are delightful. Well, most of the time. Sometimes they can do we put this monsters? Adorable mini monsters, of course.

They poop unexpectedly in the bathtub. They take forever to get ready in the morning and ignore everything you say, but only on days when you're running late. They have meltdowns over wearing a green shirt instead of a red one. They make so much noise during play dates that you think your head might actually explode. And when your back is turned for five seconds, they'll "redecorate" the furniture by drawing on it with markers. (Also? They’re the best.)

It's hard to deal with these things in the moment—they can be mentally stressful, physically exhausting, and time-consuming. But with a little time and perspective, these episodes may make you laugh in retrospect. Check out some funny anecdotes, below, from real moms across the country about the times their kids were total pains, and get ready to commiserate. 

The Last-Minute Costume 

"At 8 years of age, my daughter tells me the night before—at 7:00 p.m.—that she needs a wolf costume! A wolf costume! Like I can just order one up real quick, or even run to a store that may be open late. So I did what I could and made a wolf hat and dressed her in gray. I have to say, it didn't turn out too bad. That felt that my husband kept begging me to throw away was finally put to some use." —Debra Bellanti, Florida

The Cooking Demands

"Having to make two types of pasta for dinner because Child 1 will only eat pasta if it is in the shape of a bunny and Child 2 will only eat pasta if it is not in the shape of a bunny." —Juliana Cohen, Massachusetts

The Preschool Drama

"How about the time we slept in the car overnight to register our son for preschool? Yes, waiting in line for over 24 to 26 hours to get a spot in preschool! It was totally worth it and we loved the school—a very interesting bonding experience with the other parents. But totally crazy!" —Sarah Anderson Caldwell, North Carolina 

The Work-From-Home Surprise

"My son is 5 and he is in love with Batman. He runs around all day in his costume. I was [working from home] and was on a phone call, and he runs over to me with his Batman-voice-generator mask that sounds like Satan. He screams: 'I am Batman!' And the person I was speaking to on the business call was super-confused. I had to embarrassingly explain why I wasn't in my office and why my son was screaming like he was possessed." —Rebecca Gebhardt, Minnesota

The Nursing Nightmare

"When my middle child was 1, we decided it would be a great idea to drive from Iowa to Oregon and back. She was still at the age where she wanted to nurse every hour, but it would take a good 30 minutes to nurse her. I was far too nervous to let anyone else drive over the Rockies, so we had to stop every hour. It took us forever and a day to get to Oregon and back because of it!" —Kathy Haan, Iowa

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