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Easy at-home remedies for sore winter skin


Even the softest tissues don’t prevent your skin from getting chapped during a cold. Here’s how to fix it.


As though suffering through a cold and cough isn’t bad enough, chronic nose-blowing and hacking also often leads to chapped lips and noses — unless you follow this plan. These strategies will keep your skin from becoming so sore.

Wrap up before you head out

Your chapped skin is extra-prone to moisture loss when you’re traipsing around in cold, dry weather. Applying a very thin layer of something occlusive like petroleum jelly around your nostrils and lips will act akin to plastic wrap, holding moisture in and keeping irritants out.

Apply balm before bed

Bedtime is not a beauty pageant, so set vanity aside and slather a thick, frosting-like layer of balm over any areas that are dry or cracked. To maximize overnight benefits, choose a formula packed with soothing ingredients; look for products containing colloidal oatmeal, ceramides, and shea butter.

Resist the urge to use retinols

…or anything exfoliating, since you’ve already exfoliated enough with your rough office tissues. When you’re sick, it’s time to give raw skin a vacation from any anti-aging products (or cleansing brushes) that slough or help you shed dead skin cells.

Take shorter showers

Although a steamy, hot shower may feel good to your congested lungs, hot water is also very drying to the skin. And, right now, your face needs all the moisture it can get. Instead of just using the shower to try to treat your cough, try a medicine like Robitussin for cough relief.

Select a gentle soap

Foaming cleansers can further irritate sensitive skin — the ingredients that make all those suds can also bother you. Look for face washes that say things like “gentle” and “non-soap.”

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