Tips For Teaching Healthy Habits

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All parents want the best for their kids. Whether it’s wholesome delicious snacks or fun tips to celebrate milestones, parents who are willing to go above and beyond for their families all know a little help can go a long way. From kid-friendly brunch ideas to helpful lessons you can teach your kids today, you can find inspiration for anything and everything your family may need.



7 Kids Nutrition Myths Debunked

7 Kids Nutrition Myths Debunked

See if you have your juice myths and facts in order so you can continue your healthy outlook on your entire family’s eating habits.

8 Sweet Swaps That’ll Cut Down on Sugar

8 Sweet Swaps: Cut Down on Kids’ Added Sugar

Feed your kids only the most wholesome snacks by choose these alternatives that’ll satisfy their sweet tooth.

Kid-Friendly Snacks

10 Kid-Friendly Snacks that are Good for Them Too!

From sweet, savory, creamy, and crunchy, there’s something to satisfy even the pickiest snacker.


Savvy Parenting Tips: Moms & Dads Spill Their Secrets

You’ve got the major stuff down, now just don’t let the little things get in the way of a happy household.


6 Wholesome Breakfasts to Start the Day Right

A breakfast that’s higher in protein will help kids feel fuller, longer. Here are some morning meals with plenty of protein and staying power.


8 Brilliant Ways to Show Kids You Love Them

These simple, sweet surprises will show them just how much you care.


5 Small Tweaks That Will Drastically Upgrade Your Kids’ Lunch Box

These fresh ideas will help you break out of a few not-so-healthy lunch habits.


7 Classic Sayings for Kids that Can Benefit Parents Too

From playing outside, to eating our vegetables, here are 7 life lessons we could all take notes from.


7 Snacks That’ll Fuel Kids All Day

An energy-boosting snack helps kids do their best when jumping from school, straight into sports. Pack these easy, healthy after-school treats to keep them going strong all day.


8 Simple Food Swaps for Better Nutrition

Making healthy food your kids will eat is as easy as making a few ingredient swaps to the foods they already like. Here are some creative ideas to jump start a healthy new menu.


How to Help Your Kids Make Healthier Food Choices

We can all learn to choose more nutritious foods, especially for our children. Here are some handy guidelines to keep in mind when you’re cooking for your kids.


Smart Start Smoothies

Kick your day off in a healthy way with these breakfast smoothies made with wholesome ingredients. In a hurry? Take them to go!


7 Healthy After School Snacks to Make with Your Kids

When cheese, crackers and fruit get boring, it’s time to break out one of these fun, healthy snack ideas. These mini meals are easy enough to make with younger kids and tweens and teens can prepare them on their own.


Master Your Kids’ Morning and Evening Routines

Turn things around with fresh daily habits and organizing techniques designed to create happier days all around.


Fun Ways to Teach Kids Healthy Habits

Healthy habits don’t just happen, but ideas like creating a healthy habits jar packed with custom daily challenges, makes teaching them much easier. 

chore chart

This Chore Chart for Kids Is Genius

Chore charts help teach kids of all ages personal responsibility and life skills, while getting necessary tasks done daily. The sooner you start, the sooner your child will learn that in your family, everyone plays a part in making sure the household runs smoothly.

kids independence

4 Ways to Let Kids Practice Independence

Kids of all ages enjoy conquering small, safe tasks independently. They’ll learn from mistakes, build up confidence, and be prepared to dive into life’s bigger challenges down the road. This summer, find a few age and skill appropriate challenges for your kids to master.

table manners

Table Manners Checklist

Teaching table manners is an important part of parenting. Raise a good guest by making sure they follow these mealtime rules.

summer boredom

Summer Boredom Busters: Kid Activities by Interest

Cure summer boredom before it has a chance to set in with fun, targeted hobbies catering to—and expanding on—your kids’ personality types.

game night

6 Family Game Night Treats You Need in Rotation

There’s nothing better than board games and bowls overflowing with delicious goodies to fuel the night. Gather your family and friends for an epic evening of fun, food, and games. Use this list to help you plan the menu for your festivities.


6 Fun (and Tech-Free!) Activities for Kids

Swap TV, tablets, and smartphones for these exciting activities for kids. Whether it’s indoors or out, keep your kids engaged and having fun, without their eyes being glued to a screen.

Family Bucket List

Make a Yearlong Family Bucket List

Pulling together a yearlong family bucket list requires teamwork. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you dream, plan, and carry out all your goals as a family.

movie night

Take Movie Night Outdoors!

Here’s how to take movie night up a notch at home. (Tip: Popcorn and @Mott’s 100% Apple Juice Pouches make the perfect snacks.)

perfect picnic

5 Tips to Plan a Perfect Picnic

Gorgeous summer days were meant for picnics. Plan an incredible afternoon with food, family, friends, and @Motts.

road trip

8 Things to Pack for an Awesome Summer Road Trip

Hit the open road on an exciting family road trip this summer with a little help from @Motts.

healthy habits

How to Set Healthy Habits for Kids

Set your kids up with healthy habits for life with @Motts.

summer break

5 Ways to Make Summer Break Count

Summer break is a great time to get the family together and give back to your community. Let @Motts show you how.

Birthday Ideas

8 Quick & Easy Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas 

Planning your child’s birthday shouldn’t feel like a part-time job.


5 Brilliant Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Brunch

Bring your family together this weekend for a lovely, relaxed brunch at home.

Cooking with Kids

6 Tips to Get Cooking with Kids

Want to raise healthy eaters? Include them in the cooking process.

Backyard Cookout Hacks

6 Smart Backyard Cookout Hacks

Try these clever strategies before firing up your summer cookout menu to enjoy more and stress less.

Teaching kids Today

5 Things to Teach Your Kids Today

Kindness, compassion, and making healthy choices—these are all teachable life skills that set your child up for happiness and success.

Day at the Zoo

9 Things to Pack for a Day at the Zoo

Be prepared with this list of must-brings so you and your little monkeys will have everything you need for a fun-filled, stress-free day.

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