5 Simple Ways to Help a Sick Child Feel Better

Provided by Little Remedies 


Check out these all-natural ways moms can help get their little ones feeling better and on the mend when colds occur.

1. Keep him hydrated. From thinning out mucus to soothing raw throats to replenishing water lost while fighting a fever, make sure your little one drinks enough liquids. Both warm or very cold liquids thin out mucus, making it easier to cough up, so have your kiddo drink ice water, cold or warm juice, warm water, or decaffeinated tea mixed with honey (note: honey is only safe for kids over age 1). 

2. Serve chicken soup. It's more than an old folk remedy: Not only does the broth help keep kids hydrated, research shows that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce pain and respiratory symptoms like coughs.

3. Soothe a scratchy throat. A sore throat makes for a miserable kid. Popsicles or crushed ice can provide relief for little ones. Little Remedies ® Sore Throat Pops, made with real honey, are great to calm fiery throats in kids age 3 and up.

4. Clear out the mucus. Flush and remove mucus from little noses with saline solutions, like Little Remedies® saline nasal spray and drops. Saline drops move mucus to the front of the nose in infants, making it easier to get with a bulb syringe, and help clean nasal passages in kids who can't yet blow their own noses.

5. Steam it up. Ease your child's congestion by running a hot shower to create a home steam room where she can sit until her symptoms start to feel better. You can also place a cool-mist humidifier in your child's room to ease nighttime stuffiness and help her get a good night's sleep—probably the best therapy for a sick kid.