6 Ways to Make Family Movie Night More Fun

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Make movie night the highlight of everyone's week with these top tips.

What's not to love about family movie night? Cuddling with your kids while you watch a new flick or an old favorite that you loved when you were a child can be the perfect end to your week. But if you want to really do it up right, consider adding a fun twist or two to your tradition. Here are six ideas that can jazz up your own private film festival.

1. Make picking your movie more exciting. Searching for the perfect family movie? It just got easier! With XFINITY On Demand, you'll find thousands of movies, from new releases—so you can catch all those flicks you missed in their theater runs—to classic favorites. And with the X1 Voice Remote, you just have to say the word to get movie night underway. (In fact, if you can't decide on a movie, you can even ask the remote for recommendations, based on what you already watch!)

2. Theme it up. Add a little fun to your movie night by helping your kids come up with costumes and props (princess dresses for Frozen, light sabers for Star Wars, etc.), and add some themed decorations to your viewing room. (What 5-year-old wouldn't want to create his own amazing structure for a viewing of the Lego Movie?) Look for fun printables or crafts online to deck out your space.

3. Make it a meal. Movie night is one night where eating in front of the TV is encouraged. Pizza or Chinese takeout can make it easy, but you could also kick it up a notch and serve a menu geared toward the movie selection. Serve up “butterbeer” (i.e., root beer), savory pies, and Every Flavor Jelly Bellies for a Harry Potter movie fest, or a little gumbo with a viewing of The Princess and the Frog.

4. Create the coolest snack bar. Set up a section of your counter with an array of treats—favorite movies candies, popcorn (for kids over age 4), and different flavored seasonings, as well as healthier treats—and put out bags or bowls so each person can customize their snack.

5. Add in some activities. Create some crafts and activities geared to the film, for both before and after the movie. Print out coloring sheets for little kids, while older ones can participate in trivia contests and light saber or magic wand duels. Pinterest is full of crafts themed to various movies. And don't forget to ask your audience for their reviews after the movie's over—and suggestions for next week's movie viewing.

6. Keep everyone comfy. Keep the lights low, just like in a real movie theater. But make it even more comfy by breaking out sleeping bags and cushions so kids can stretch out on the floor (and perhaps snooze if the movie is a little long!).

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