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Family Cooking Contest: Who Has What it Takes to Win?

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If your family enjoys watching cooking shows, they’ll love participating in a surprise ingredient cooking contest. Use this guide to prepare a creative night of fun and family bonding.

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1. Prepare two identical baskets with the same surprise ingredients. Choose a protein, a fruit or vegetable, and a seasoning. Example: 

chart image 2. Cover each set of secret ingredients with a napkin.

3. Decide which other ingredients and tools will be available to the participants and how much time they’ll have to cook.

4. Assemble two teams to compete. Choose a judge and collaborate on rules so everyone can agree on what’s fair and what isn’t fair ahead of time. You can award points for taste, creativity, and integrating the secret ingredients.

5. The judge should start the timer and immediately reveal the surprise ingredients so the contestants can make a game plan and start cooking.

6. Stand back as the kids start to work and keep an eye on the littlest ones who are old enough to compete but need a little more supervision. Take videos and photos of the contest—they’ll make funny mementos later.

7. Once time is up, the judge should rate and review the food.

8. Winners can be rewarded with homemade sweet treats and losers can be on dish duty.

No matter how it turns out—or tastes—a secret ingredient cookoff is a delicious way to spend a few hours having fun as a family. If you don’t have time during the week, try it out on the weekend along with these boredom busters.

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