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6 Weekend Boredom Busters for Every Type of Kid

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Want to hear less “I'm SO bored” and more “Best Saturday Ever!?” Encourage kids to take up regular weekend activities they’ll love. Here's the secret: Choose hobbies that are a good match for their personalities and interests. Use this guide to jumpstart your weekend planning.

Before you start brainstorming with your children, ask yourself two important questions:

1. What are my kids most passionate about?

2. After a week of school, do they seem more energized by spending time around other people (extroverts), or spending time alone (introverts)?

Here are some possibilities to get the wheels turning:

Book Worm image

For book worms

Introverts: Take a weekly bike ride to the library

Extroverts: Host a kids-only book club and make your way through a popular book series with friends

For animal lovers

Introverts: Volunteer at your local animal shelter

Extroverts: Hold a monthly neighborhood dog wash in your driveway

For athletes

Introverts: Look for races kids can participate in within your community

Extroverts: Join a summer league playing the sport of their choice

Nature Lovers image

For nature lovers

Introverts: Create a vegetable garden and spend weekends tending to it

Extroverts: Explore your local nature center and discover new rocks, plants, and bugs

For techies

Introverts: Take a photography or photo editing class to master the latest gear or programs

Extroverts: Volunteer to help senior citizens learn computer skills

For foodies

Introverts: Prepare a special meal for the family (plan the menu, purchase the ingredients, do the cooking)

Extroverts: Host a family cook off where friends and family have to make something from a random bundle of ingredients

Do your kids like to experiment with interesting food combinations? Start with natural peanut butter on a slice of bread, and encourage them to top it with sliced apples, raisins, chocolate chips and more in the shape of a funny face. The sky’s the limit!

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