Halloween Decorations Too Cute to Take Down

Provided by Dixie®

If your typical Halloween décor is a single pumpkin on the porch, consider these out-of-the-box ways to take it up a notch. Craft some inspired vignettes from inexpensive items or things you might even have laying around the house. Once you find your Halloween style, you’ll be amazed by the memorable and spooky looks you can create!

Halloween decor image 

If you like clean, modern design, go Gothic Mod

  • Give old objects a noir new look with matte black spray paint—think picture frames, candlesticks, even silk flowers or an old wreath.
  • Get multiples of iconic items for maximum impact. For example, hang black witch hats* (instructions below) from clear thread down a hallway (or try these hanging monsters!).

If you have an earthy, country style, try Harvest Howl

  • Pile uncarved pumpkins and gourds on the edges of your front steps or as table centerpieces.
  • Use half a hollowed-out pumpkin (lined with a plastic bag) as an ice bucket for cold drinks.
  • Paint mason jars sunset colors and fill with flickering battery-operated tea lights.

If you love bling, go Sparkle Spooky

  • Splatter white pumpkins with glow in the dark paint and mist with spray glitter. (These are also perfect as centerpieces for a Halloween party.)
  • Hang strands of white and orange twinkle lights.
  • Take inexpensive decorations (fake insects and skeletons) and spray paint them gold.

If you love vintage looks, go Freaky Antique-y

  • Clear your coat rack and decorate it with witch wear—think gauzy black dresses, pointy black hats, and black lace-up boots.
  • Take old straw brooms and wrap the handles with ribbon for a striped effect. Lean them against your house near the door.
  • Decorate a table or shelf with glass jars filled with dollar-store curiosities (eyeballs, spiders, bat wings).

*To make witch hats, you’ll need one large Dixie® plate and one poster board:

steps 1-2 image

STEP 1 Cut out a large circle in the middle of the plate to create your brim.

steps 3-4 image

steps 5-6 image

STEP 2 Take your poster board and roll it up into a cone and secure the cone with tape. Then cut small slits into the bottom of the cone so they look like small flaps you can bend.

step 8 image

STEP 3 Slide the cone through the brim and glue the small flaps to the bottom of the brim so the cone and the brim are securely attached.

steps 9-10

STEP 4 Spray paint your hat black and add netting, ribbons, and anything else you want to make your hat super creative and creepy. A hot glue gun guarantees your add-ons stay on securely.

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