This Viral $20 Mess-Free Egg Decorating Kit Just Went on Sale—Right in Time for Easter

You’ve seen it on TikTok, now try it yourself with this 20% off sale.

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The Original EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit TOUT

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Influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have all been raving about a kit designed to take the mess out of dyeing Easter Eggs—and if you’ve been curious what all the fuss is about, you can find out for yourself, because the viral EggMazing egg decorating kit is majorly discounted at Amazon for a limited time.

Influencers and + Parents Rave This Egg-Dying Kit Makes Decorating Eggs a Snap—And It’s On Sale


To buy: EggMazing Egg Decorater Kit, $19.99 (was $24.99); 

On the off-chance you’re not familiar with the EggMazing decorating kit, here’s the gist of it: it’s a small apparatus that holds an egg in place and then, with the help of some battery power, spins the egg round and round while you, a child, or anyone else in your household holds a marker—or several markers—to the egg. The spinning action of the egg, combined with the marker, combine to create a completely mess-free, unique egg design. 

One Amazon reviewer described the EggMazing as essentially an “egg lathe” because it will spin in place as you decorate it however you please. Kids ages 3 and up can use the eight included non-toxic color markers while the egg spins in place and because the spinner is activated when you touch a marker to the egg, it can even be used one-handed. 

Instead of setting up a tablecloth to catch the mess, filling cups with vinegar and water, mixing dye, then hovering over kids as they insist on plopping eggs in and out of the dye to end up with a color that definitely resembles poop, you could pick up this one kit, pop in an egg, and watch happily as there is literally no mess and no fuss at all. And because the markers are fast-drying, you can pop the egg out almost instantly and get started on decorating the next.

The Original EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit


To buy: EggMazing Egg Decorater Kit, $19.99 (was $24.99); 

In addition to being appealing for little hands, according to some of the over 6,400 ratings on Amazon, the EggMazing kit is also great for older kids and even teens too cool to dye traditional eggs anymore. “My 15-year-old, who has hit the ‘cool’ phase, at first moaned about having to color eggs with the family. However, after he did an egg with the EggMazing, he then went on to do two more. The next day he ‘had’ to boil more eggs and did six more,” wrote one satisfied Amazon reviewer. 

One Amazon reviewer called the EggMazing kit a “fun, amazing buy” and added that even the adults enjoyed using it for coloring Easter eggs. “My grandkids love these!” gushed another doting grandparent. “It’s so fun and the eggs are beautiful when they do them.” They went on to reveal that they bought, not one, but three more of them.

That being said, an important note: the EggMazing kit is battery-powered and it does not include batteries, so you’ll want to be sure you have four AA batteries on hand. We’ll definitely be scooping this up on sale, just in time for Easter.

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