45 Easter Baby Names Inspired by the Spring Holiday

Expecting an Easter baby? Consider these baby names that evoke the hopeful significance of the springtime holiday.

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After a long cold winter, spring is a reminder of the wonderful things to come. The season is marked with new beginnings, from daffodils pushing through the soil to lambs being born at the farm. For those practicing Christianity, it's also the time for Easter festivities.

If you're expecting a springtime baby, you might consider a name that reflects the beauty, joy, and significance of the Easter holiday. You can opt for a religious moniker (like Mary and Elijah), a symbolic name (like Bunny and Candy), or something that honors the spring season (like Daisy, Birch, or Robin).

Want some more inspiration? Check out our round-up of 45 sweet and significant Easter baby names.

Baby Names That Symbolize Easter

Your baby's birthday will never be forgotten with a name directly connected to Easter. All of these monikers evoke images of the Easter Bunny, baskets of candy, and families coming together in celebration.

  • Bunny - The Easter bunny is the most symbolic icon of the springtime holiday
  • Candy - This sweet name will remind you of Easter goodies
  • Easter - German name derived from Eostre, the spring goddess
  • Peter - The most famous bunny of all from Beatrix Potter's "Peter Rabbit" tales
  • Jemima - After another loved Beatrix Potter character, Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • Pascha - Latin girl name meaning "Easter"
  • Paschal - Latin boy name meaning "Easter"
  • Felix - Latin name meaning "happy" or "fortunate" (feelings often associated with Easter)
  • March - Sometimes Easter happens in March
  • April - And sometimes Easter happens in April

Baby Names with Religious Easter Significance

Parents-to-be can choose a baby name with religious significance for their Easter baby. It's a great way to pay homage to the important Christian holiday.

  • Andrew - One of the disciples of Jesus (other options include Bartholomew, Philip, Thomas, Simon, and Thaddeus)
  • Crux - Latin name meaning "cross"
  • Mary - The name of Jesus' mother
  • Pasquale - Latin boy name meaning "relating to Easter"
  • Anastasia - Greek and Russian girl name meaning "resurrection"
  • Elijah - Biblical name meaning "the Lord is my God"
  • Hope - Virtue name that tells an Easter story (along with Faith, Joy, and Grace)
  • Christian - Latin name meaning "follower of Christ"
  • Phoenix - Gender-neutral Greek name for the mythical creature that's "reborn from the ashes"
  • Trinity - Latin name meaning "threefold" and referencing the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit)

Baby Names with Spring Connections

Easter signifies springtime. If you're looking to pay homage to the season, choose a baby name reminiscent of blooming flowers, new life, and all the wonder of nature.

  • Birch - A nod to Scandinavian Easter decorations
  • Willow - This soft-sounding name evokes images of a willow tree swaying in the wind
  • Bird - A cute nickname would be "Birdie"
  • Daisy - After the pretty flower that bloom as the temperatures warm up (Other options include Lily, Violet, Hyacinth, Primrose, Freesia, and Azalea)
  • Sonny - This cute name predicts the sunny forecasts ahead
  • Blossom - Pretty floral name of British origin
  • Robin - Unisex bird name meaning "bright" or "shining" 
  • Eden - Hebrew name meaning "delight" or "paradise"
  • Rain - This nature name works for boys or girls
  • Thalia - Greek name meaning "to blossom" or "flourishing"
  • Maxwell - Name with Scottish origin that means "great stream"
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