36 Disney-inspired Baby Names

Looking for a magical name full of wonder and whimsy? These Disney-inspired baby names are endearing, adorable, and—in some cases—out of this world.

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Most Disney movies are considered classics—and for good reason. These films are relatable. Many people see themselves in Disney tales, albeit in animated form. These films tell a good story. The lessons they impart are valuable for kids of all ages. Oh, and they are entertaining. Many Disney flicks will make you laugh—and cry. But if you're looking for a whimsical name for your little one, you're in luck. From Adelaide and Bruno to Falcon and Nakia, these Disney-inspired baby names are magical, fantastical, and (in some cases) out of this world.

Classic Disney Baby Names

From 1953 classics to (recently created) live-action remakes, these Disney-inspired baby names have stood the test of time.

  • Aurora - A lovely name with Latin roots, the name Aurora is inspired by the dawn.
  • Belle - Like its namesake, this baby name is a French word that means beautiful. Similarly, Bella is an Italian and Spanish version of this lovely name.
  • Winifred (Winnie) - This classic name has withstood the test of time (from Winnie the Pooh to Hocus Pocus, too).
  • Wendy - Full of wonder and whimsy, Wendy reminds us of innocence and—of course—Neverland.
  • Phillip - A classic name commonly associated with royalty.
  • Adelaide - From the classic Aristocats, this name is synonymous with nobility and kindness.
  • Bert - A great name for a trusty, charismatic friend à la Mary Poppins.
  • Minnie - This Disney name isn't just classic, it's iconic.
  • Briar (Rose) - Use one—or both!—of these classic names for your own little sleeping beauty.
  • Jasmine - A beautiful name for your fierce and fearless one.
  • Alice - Meaning noble, Alice also elicits feelings of magic and whimsy thanks—in part—to Alice In Wonderland.

Modern Disney Baby Names

These modern Disney favorites are unique and insightful.

  • Moana - Inspired by the ocean, this name is perfect for your little sea adventurer.
  • Bruno - While we might not talk about Bruno, it's a great kids name.
  • Estella - This sweet, simple name is the other half of one of our absolute favorite villains.
  • Miriam - Meet the best hype-friend a kid could ever wish for. A great name for your little one.
  • Flynn - With Irish origins, Flynn is a fun name filled with charisma and charm.
  • Luisa - This strong Hispanic name does all the heavy lifting. With Spanish roots, it means renowned warrior.
  • Luca - Meaning bringer of light, Luca is an incredible name for your new bundle of joy.
  • Merida - From the Highlands comes a brave, wild name for your little warrior.
  • Elsa - You'll never let your little love bug go with this magical and powerful name.

Star Wars-inspired Baby Names

Looking for the most unique names in the galaxy? Look no further than these names. They are out of this world.

  • Anakin - This isn't just Darth Vader's given name: Anakin (literally) means warrior.
  • Leia - This iconic Star Wars princess's name has roots in Hebrew, Hawaiian, and Latin.
  • Cassian - If you're considering a strong, valiant name for your little one, Cassian is a perfect fit.
  • Falcon - Soar above the rest with this powerful name.
  • Luke - May the force be with your little one!
  • Hera - Your baby might be small now, but this name will grow with them into the strong person they're sure to become.
  • Rebel - This name for your little one sets them up to be a change-maker from the very start.
  • Ahsoka - Brave, powerful, and true, Ahsoka is the perfect name for your young Jedi.

Marvel-inspired Baby Names

Check out these strong, marvel-ous names for your little hero.

  • Tony - A confident, charismatic name inspired by Mr. Stark himself.
  • Scarlet - Mythical and magical, Scarlet is an enchanting name.
  • Chris - Give the captain of your heart this classic name.
  • Marvel - Because you're constantly marveling at how someone so small can fill your heart so completely.
  • Nakia - Meaning pure, this name is beautiful for your baby.
  • Zuri - Meaning beautiful, Zuri is becomingly increasingly popular each year.
  • Storm - Try out this name for a little one who will be a force to reckon with.
  • Pepper - A sassy, spicy name full of spunk, power, and pizazz.
  • Bruce - A strong name for a strong babe.
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