Cameo Kids Offers Personalized Messages From Popular Characters

Cameo Kids allows you to send a message from CoComelon, Blippi, and more!

Cameo Kids with Cocomelon, Blippi, and Blippi

Moonbug Entertainment

Popular fan-video business Cameo is expanding its celebrity messaging services to offer personalized messages to kids in what the company calls Cameo Kids. The service will allow your little ones to receive personalized messages from their preschool favorites such as CoComelon characters, Blippi, Thomas the Tank Engine, and more for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions. Can you imagine a better gift for your preschooler than a personalized message from their favorite animated character? Childhood dreams unlocked!

What Is Cameo?

If you're not familiar with Cameo, it is an online service that allows people to hire celebrities and other pop culture favorites to create personalized videos. Each video is tailored to the person receiving it. The adult version of the service has thousands of celebrities and social media influencers available with prices ranging from $1 to $15,000 per video. Cameo was founded in 2017 and gives people a way to feel connected to and inspired by people they admire.

How Cameo Kids Works

It makes perfect sense that Cameo Kids would bring our children's favorite family entertainment stars to life. The pricing for Cameo Kids is pretty reasonable for parents, ranging from $25 to $30 and offers personalization for birthdays, holidays and words of love and encouragement—as soon as Nina can tell my toddler to get to bed, you have my money. The platform uses speech to text for personalization and artificial intelligence (AI) allows the personalization to sound just like the voice of the character you select. There are also safeguards set up to deny any requests that include profanity or go against Cameo's community guidelines.

"We're building a platform where families can get their kid's favorite star to not just know their name, but share support for every important moment in their child's life—big and small," Cameo co-founder and CEO Steven Galanis said in a statement. "Candle Media and Moonbug helped bring this to life by partnering with us to launch some of the biggest names in children's entertainment and create endless possibilities for new characters and creative product use cases."

I have definitely seen some tear inducing adult reactions upon receiving personalized Cameo videos. Mix that in with the innocence of childhood and this could potentially be the sweetest thing we all need.

Characters Available for Cameo Kids

At launch, the lineup includes animated Moonbug Entertainment stars including JJ, Cody, Cece and Nina from CoComelon, and the animated Blippi from Blippi Wonders. Also available are Mattel's Thomas the Tank Engine, True from Netflix's animated True and the Rainbow Kingdom, and an animated Santa Claus just in time for the holidays. The site does indicate that while their characters right now are for shows geared towards children aged 1-7, they will be expanding those offerings over time.

Requests for Cameo videos can take up to 7 days so make those requests now if you're thinking about getting one for the holidays!

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