Saying ‘Bye’ to buybuy BABY—What the Chain’s Closing Means for Parents-To-Be

You may be one of the numerous parents-to-be with current baby registries. What you need to know about buybuy BABY going out of business.

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When I got married, I created my wedding registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Fast forward almost two years, and my husband and I were expecting our first child, a baby girl. The memories of scouring the websites and visiting buybuy BABY and Babies ‘R Us to create a registry are so vividly engrained in my mind. I felt so excited and so incredibly overwhelmed at the same time (and yes, there were tears). How do I know which stroller to register for? Which was the right bottle to get? Do we really need ALL this stuff for one tiny baby?

Now that baby girl is 13 years old, the economy is rough, and all of those stores that helped create milestone memories are either closing or already closed. On April 23, buybuy BABY's parent company Bed Bath & Beyond announced it was closing all of its 120 buybuy BABY stores (and all 360 Bed, Bath & Beyond stores, too). The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Parents-to-be have relied on buybuy BABY for their newborn and toddler needs since 1996—but now what? Where else can you find rows and rows of every type of diaper you could possibly want? Or those aisles full different types of infant formula, baby food, clothes, and baby gear, enough to make your head spin.

There's no doubt it marks the end of an era. But if you're a new parent or a parent-to-be you, may be concerned about what buybuy BABY's closing means for your registry and your shopping needs. Here's what we know at this point.

What Happens If I Have a buybuy BABY Registry?

The company says your registry data is safe. According to the FAQ page on the company's website, you can no longer buy registry items, but you can still see your registry. The company says it plans to partner with "an alternative platform" you can transfer your data to in order to complete your registry. There will be more details on this in the coming days. We will be sure to update you once we get that information.

Can I Still Shop at buybuy BABY and Use My Coupons?

Right now, stores are open for business and you can still shop online. It may be a good time to take advantage of some of the store closing sales if you can find some of the items on your registry at discounted prices. If you have ordered an item, the company does expect to fill all of those orders.

There are some key dates you need to be aware of:

April 26: Store closing sales begin. All sales will be final. Coupons will no longer be accepted.

May 8: You will not be able to use your gift cards after this date. Make sure to use them before then or you will lose any money left.

May 15: After this date, you will no longer be able to redeem any merchandise credit you have.

May 24: buybuy BABY will accept returns and exchanges following its usual policies until this date. Please note, they will only accept returns and exchanges on merchandise bought before April 26.

June 2023: The company expects to close all of its stores by this date.

Can buybuy BABY Be Saved?

When you go to buybuy BABY's website, you're greeted with a message: "Thank you to all of our loyal customers." The company recognizes its important role in the lives of so many.

"Millions of customers have trusted us through the most important milestones in their lives—from going to college to getting married, settling into a new home to having a baby. Our teams have worked with incredible purpose to support and strengthen our beloved banners, Bed Bath & Beyond, and buybuy BABY," says Sue Gove, president & CEO of Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. in a news release.

Can the beloved store be saved? Possibly. The court filings indicate the companies are being put up for auction. According to media reports, if there is a buyer, there's a chance stores could stay open. There's also a small chance buybuy BABY could move to an online-only store format.

If not, there are always the memories—which may or may not include running out to your closest buybuy BABY because you were out of formula just in time for a feeding. Or that time you needed that specific kind of snack pouch that is the only kind your toddler will eat. Or when you needed an emergency onesie because of a blowout. I'm sure parents are feeling me on that. Guess we will all have to find somewhere else to go.

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