21 Amazon Finds to Create a Boho-Themed Big Kid Room Refresh—All on Sale

If it’s time to move on from Frozen decor, we’ve got you covered with boho-inspired decor your teen or big kid will love.

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Amazon Finds for Boho Themed Kids Room Tout

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After years of begging for her own space that didn’t involve the bright pink-and-green colors and cartoon characters of her youth, my husband and I finally gave in to our teenager’s request and helped design a new room for her in our house. And because I love a good excuse to decorate but also because shopping in-person is very hard because, um, people, we turned to my favorite store to find some new products to refresh her brand-new space. 

My daughter is almost 15, so she leaned towards a boho-inspired vibe, and I was pleasantly surprised to pick up some great finds on Amazon. She was happy with our picks—and I was happy because everything I picked up was also on sale. 

Whether you’re looking to refresh your big kid’s space, or just add some boho decor around the house, here are some of the Amazon sale finds from our room makeover. 

Hanging Macrame Photo Holder

Mkono Hanging Photo Display


Sure, maybe the majority of your teen’s photos will consist of selfies on Snapchat or BeReal, but you might just convince them to go old-school and get some favorites printed to display with this wall photo holder. 

To buy: Hanging Macrame Photo Holder, $15.98 (was $19.99); amazon.com

Pampas Grass Vase Filler

100PCS Pampas Grass Boho Decor


So maybe a big kid won’t own a vase, but pampas grass is everywhere right now and you can swap out traditional plants for this versatile decor. 

To buy: Pampas Grass Vase Filler, $19.98 (was $26.99); amazon.com 

Boho Ceramic Vase Set

Ceramic Vase Set 3


Speaking of the vases your big kid doesn’t have, this set of three ceramic vases is just right for displaying your hip new pampas grass. Also, I totally want to steal these for myself. I mean, teens love matching with their parents, so I think it should be fine…

To buy: Boho Ceramic Vase Set $29.95 + extra 5% off coupon (was $32.99); amazon.com

Two-Piece Macrame Woven Wall Hanging

Mkono 2 Pcs Macrame Woven Wall Hanging


Does my mother-in-law swear she had this exact macrame wall hanging on her house in the 70s? Yes. Is it totally back in? Also, yes. Plus, this set comes with two so if your big kid decides they really don’t want both, there’s one for you too!

To buy: Two-Piece Macrame Woven Wall Hanging, $19.99 (was $27.99); amazon.com 

Boho Mirror

Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror


OK, yes, it’s macrame again, but hear me out: every big kid needs some kind of mirror and this one is large enough to use for preening and fluffing, but also small enough that it can serve as simple decor if that’s your preference. 

To buy: Boho Mirror, $20.99 (was $21.99); amazon.com 

5-Piece Moon Phase Mirrors

Wooden Moon Phase Mirror


If you just can’t stomach any more macrame, these moon-phase reflective mirrors might be a better choice instead. What’s cool about these mirrors is that they’re actually peel-and-stick, so neither you nor your big kid need to worry about hanging tools. It also happens to be double discounted right now, further sweetening the deal.

To buy: 5-Piece Moon Phase Mirrors, $23.99, plus extra $3 off coupon; amazon.com 

Arched Full-Length Gold Mirror 

NeuType Arched Full Length Mirror


If small mirrors and sticky mirrors still aren’t just cutting it, this gold 65"x 22" inch mirror will provide that full-length view of your big kid’s outfit before school that they need. You can lean this mirror against a wall or stand it up from the floor, but it also comes with hanging hardware that can be helpful if you have little ones around who may wander into their big sibling’s room. 

To buy: Arched Full-Length Gold Mirror $122.69 (was $189.99) ; amazon.com

Countertop Tray Organizer

Mkono Macrame Decorative Tray


Organize all those body sprays that your big kids are gifted for every major holiday, hair accessories, beauty products, and jewelry with this neutral yet decorative countertop tray. 

To buy: Countertop Tray Organizer $25.99 (was $34.99); amazon.com 

Hanging Room Beads

YaoYue Beaded Curtain Door String


We removed some closet doors from a storage closet and we converted that into my daughter’s closet for her clothes. Because it was a larger closet, she liked the idea of using the space almost as a dressing room—we put the floor mirror in the closet and added these gauzy room beads to the doorway to separate the space but still keep it open. 

To buy: Hanging Room Beads $15.77 + extra 5% off coupon (was $19.99); amazon.com 

Woven Rope Floating Shelf

Mkono Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf


Store special trinkets, picture frames, or room decor on this floating shelf that combines neutral wood tones and cream-woven rope to fit that perfect boho vibe. 

To buy: Woven Rop Floating Shelf $21.99 (was $28.99); amazon.com

Boho Linen Throw Pillow Covers 

MIULEE Set of 2 Decorative Boho Throw Pillow


Now is the time to start training your big kid on the importance of throw pillows, and these linen covers get the job done beautifully. And just because I always make this mistake, don’t forget that these pillow covers don’t come with the actual pillows, so you’ll want to pick up stuffing or some 18 x 18-inch pillows to pair. 

To buy: Boho Linen Throw Pillow Covers $14.99 + extra 5% off coupon (was $17.99); amazon.com

Ivory Allison Ruffle Window Drapes

Ivory Allison Ruffle Curtains


Boho is all about relaxed vibes and muted colors, which these drapes represent with pastel colors of light pink, green, cream, white, or gray. You can also choose different lengths for these drapes, from 63” to 84” to 95”, and pick one panel or a pair— and they’re a whopping 62 percent off right now. 

To buy: Ivory Allison Ruffle Window Drapes $36.99 (was $100); amazon.com

Embroidered Bohemian Window Curtains

Boho Curtains 84 Inches Long


If big ruffles aren’t vibing with you or your big kid, these embroidered bohemian curtains may do the trick instead. These drapes come in taupe, green, blue, or gray and in 72, 84, or 95-inch lengths. 

To buy: Embroidered Bohemian Window Curtains $36.95 + extra 5% off coupon; amazon.com 

Sun Ray Art Prints

Sun Ray Art Prints


What’s better than one sunburst boho art print? Three, of course! These 11x14 inch prints bring a little burst of sunshine into your big kid’s room—no matter what mood they might come home in. And note: frames aren’t included, so you may want to pop these in some minimalist frames for an extra burst of style. 

To buy: Sun Ray Art Prints $17.99, plus extra 10% off coupon; amazon.com

Sage Green Boho Wall Art 

Sage Green Boho Wall Art Set of 3


In keeping with our wall art theme, try these geometric shape-inspired boho prints that combine patterns and neutral greens. And unlike the sun burst prints, these three pieces of wall art come on art-gallery canvases, making them ready to hang. 

To buy: Sage Green Boho Wall Art $29.99, plus extra 20% off coupon; amazon.com 

Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

SHEEYEE Eucalyptus Wall Decor


Add this hanging plant to things I totally want to steal from my teen, because I can’t get enough of eucalyptus decor. It’s 67-inches long, unscented, and even comes with its own adhesive hanging hooks to make it easy to set up, right out of the box. Some reviewers did note it might be worth using your own 3M hooks to ensure they stick, however. 

To buy: Eucalyptus Wall Hanging $33.99 + extra $3 off coupon; amazon.com

Succulent Plants

CEWOR 6pcs Succulents Plants


If plants hanging all over the wall aren’t your jam, sprinkling these adorable succulents around the room might do the trick instead. I honestly couldn’t believe how affordable these succulents were and both my teenager and my younger kids got a pack for Christmas—and they’ve been a huge hit in our house.

To buy: 6-Pack Succulent Plants $14.99 (was $21.99); amazon.com 

Sadie Moroccan Diamond Tassel Shag Area Rug

nuLOOM Sadie Moroccan Diamond Tassel Shag Area Rug


This is one of the more expensive items we found, but a good rug can tie an entire room together and if you still need something a little more budget-friendly, there are different size options you can get to lower the price a bit. 

To buy: Sadie Moroccan Diamond Tassel Shag Area Rug $173 (was $310); amazon.com

Four-Drawer Dresser with Gold Hairpin Legs

LOUVIXA Dresser for Bedroom


Having this streamlined white dresser will make the sight of your kids’ clothes stuffed haphazardly in drawers after you spent hours folding them so much less painful. The hairpin legs add a very boho and stylish touch, and you can also choose black if your big kid prefers that color over white. 

To buy: Four-Drawer Dresser with Gold Hairpin Legs $89.99 (was $99.99); amazon.com 

Cotton Rope Basket

Mkono Macrame Decorative Cotton Rope Basket


Speaking of laundry, this adorable basket might also make your big kid also attempt to at least pick up their dirty clothes off the floor. And if all else fails and they still insist on throwing dirty laundry in the corner on the floor, just go ahead and repurpose this basket as a plant pot cover for your fiddle leaf tree. 

To buy: Cotton Rope Basket $19.99; amazon.com 

Tufted Duvet Cover and Pillowcases

Oli Anderson Tufted Duvet Cover


Last but not least, you’ll need a bohemian bedspread to pull everything together and we love this option. I’m a huge fan of duvet colors because 1. they’re often more affordable than picking up a brand-new comforter and 2. they can be washed a lot more easily in a regular washer. And let’s face it, teens will probably need their blankets washed more often than they care to admit. Choose from king, queen, or twin sizes and five different covers with this set. 

To buy: Tufted Duvet Cover and Pillowcases $56.99 (was $69.99); amazon.com 

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