Why a Nail Salon Refused Service to This Teen

Patricia Moore, 13, was shopping with her mom, Shannon, at a California mall when they decided to get manicures.

But upon enetering the nail salon, Queen's Nails, the employees "just looked at Patricia and said 'No,'" Shannon told CBS Los Angeles.

The reason? Patricia was in a wheelchair, which she needs because of an immune system weakened by chemotherapy and radiation from treating a tumor.

Even though the mom held her ground and explained that a pillow would help Patricia sit up more for a manicure, the store still turned them away, claiming the wheelchair would make it difficult for employees to work.

"I felt upset and sad...that someone would tell [Patricia] no based on her wheelchair, [and] seeing her go into the mall smiling, and then come out crying and sad," said Shannon.

The mom and daughter left but spoke out about their experience. The salon has since apologized for the incident and said they're making changes to be more aware, accommodating, and compassionate.

"We're very sorry for any misunderstanding, and you're always welcome here, anytime," said a salon spokesperson. "It was never our intention to hurt her feelings in any way. We hope to move onward and possibly have a positive relationship with this amazing young lady."

It's still up for debate if the salon violated the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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