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'Awkward Family Photos' to Get Museum Show

The California Heritage Museum has announced plans to display an exhibition of "Awkward Family Photos," a collection that got its start as a viral website and features odd, funny, and often borderline inappropriate posed photos of families. has more on the exhibit:

The "Awkward Family Photo Exhibition," on display from March 27 to July 27, features images from the popular "Awkward Family Photos" website and book series of cringe-worthy — yet totally hilarious — portraits, vacation snaps, wedding pics, pet shots and more. It's a celebration of poor wardrobe and hairstyle choices, inappropriate poses among siblings and backgrounds, and props that defy logic.

The exhibition will showcase 10 themes: the family portrait; siblings; vacation; the kids; the holidays; weddings; dad; mom; the grandparents; birthdays, and the family pet.

"It invites you to celebrate those less than picture-perfect moments," the museum declares on its website.

Image: Camera, via Shutterstock