Toddler Uses FaceTime to Rescue Mom

A two-year-old boy whose mother was attacked by a dog managed to use the FaceTime application on his mother's iPhone to call a friend and get help.  More from The Huffington Post:

Laura Toone told KGUN-9 News in Tucson that a foster dog in her care bit her and nearly took her finger clean off when she tried to stop it from fighting with one of her dogs.

Toone tried to reach 911 for help, but couldn't complete the call due to her injury -- and her 4-year-old girls were too scared to touch the blood-covered phone.

"Here comes my son from the kitchen bringing me our dish towel. He wiped off the blood himself and proceeded to call my friend on FaceTime," said Toone, referring to the video chat program in iOS devices such as the iPhone.

The friend got help, but little Bentley wasn't done playing hero yet: He also unlocked the door for firefighters.



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