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Mario Lopez, Wife Courtney Welcome Son Dominic

Mario Lopez was getting many "Saved by the Bell" teases across the media, referencing the sitcom he starred in during he '80s, as the story emerged of how he rushed to the hospital, arriving just in time for the birth of his second child, a son he and wife Courtney have named Dominic.

The second he finished his hosting duties on The X Factor on Monday, the new dad — who also helped launch EXTRA's 20th season at Universal Studios Hollywood and done his radio show, On with Mario, earlier in the day — was ushered out the door to head to the hospital.

Lopez, 39, had received the call: his wife Courtney was ready to deliver the couple's second child.

Twenty minutes after he arrived, Lopez — who greeted the mom-to-be with a kiss before posing for one last quick picture — suited up and was in the operating room anticipating the big announcement.

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"I don't know [what it's going to be]. I don't want to guess!" Lopez, who documented the experience, says when asked his thoughts on whether it would be a boy or girl.

"I think it's going to be a baby! A beautiful, healthy one that hopefully looks just like Mom."

Shortly after, the video shows doctors cleaning off the couple's new son, Dominic, who was born with black curly hair — and a dimple like Dad! "I did it! It's a boy! I did it! It's a boy!" Lopez cheers. "You did it, honey! Way to do it!"

Image: Mario and Courtney Lopez, via Helga Esteb /