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Chobani Pulls Some Greek Yogurt Because of Mold Concern

Chobani, the makers of a popular brand of Greek yogurt, has voluntarily pulled a number of its products from shelves amid reports that the yogurt cups are "swelling" and "bloating," possibly due to an overgrowth of a kind of mold that grows in dairy products.  The company has not issued a formal recall, and it says the issue only affects 5 percent of its total inventory nationwide. The affected containers are marked with the code 16-012 and expiration dates Sept. 11-Oct. 7.   More from the Christian Science Monitor:

Chobani, which is based in New Berlin, N.Y., did not say how many of its cups or what varieties were affected. The effort was voluntary, and it is not issuing a formal recall.

A representative for Kroger, the nation's largest traditional supermarket operator, said Chobani issued a product withdrawal Friday. "It was not a food safety issue," Kroger spokesman Keith Dailey said in an e-mail.

On Tuesday, Chobani was responding to people who were complaining about their yogurt cups on Twitter. One person described her cup as "unnervingly fizzy," another said the cups were like "yogurt soup" and another said it tasted like "wine."

Yet another person said the strawberry flavor they bought tasted "really old."

Chobani, which says it uses only high-quality, natural ingredients, has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2005.

Greek yogurt in general has surged in popularity as well, with fans saying they prefer its thicker consistency and relatively higher protein content when compared with the sweeter yogurt varieties that have long been sold in American supermarkets.

Image: Empty yogurt container, via Shutterstock