Twins Born 87 Days Apart May Set Guinness World Record

A set of twin girls may have made history because they were born a staggering 87 days apart.  The episode may be a Guinness World Record for the longest interval between the birth of twins.  Mother Maria Jones–Elliott calls her girls "little miracles" because their remarkable birth began with her water breaking when she was not yet 24 weeks pregnant.  The first twin, Amy, was born after a 2-day labor weighing only 1 lb 3 oz.  The Daily Mail chronicles what happened next:

Maria said; 'My contractions just stopped dead – it was like I'd never even given birth. 

'Doctors were stunned they'd never seen anything like this before. 

'It should have been a joyful time but it was horrific. I had one baby in intensive care and one baby still inside me clinging to life. 

'It was like being hit by a bus – I felt what the hell is happening. I remember shouting to nurses: "It's not supposed to be like this". 

Doctors made the decision to try to induce Maria the following day. 

Maria explained: 'They tried to induce me the next day but nothing happened. After hours, Chris and I said: "Enough is enough. Let nature take it's course".'

There on, there was nothing she could do but wait. 

Maria said: 'I made up my mind I would not be leaving the hospital unless it was with both my girls.  

'Even if it meant I had to lie in bed for the full three months I had left of my pregnancy – I would do what ever it took to.'

It was four days before a still pregnant Maria could see her first-born twin Amy as she was in intensive care. 

She says: 'I burst into tears when I saw her in the incubator - she was just so, so tiny and vulnerable.

'She was covered in tubes but all I could see was her mass of black hair. 

'I just touched my bump and made the vow I would get Katie out safe and well and the girls would be together.'

When she was 36 weeks pregnant, Jones–Elliott was induced and delivered her second twin, Katie, who weighed 5 lb 10 oz, after just an hour of labor.


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