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Actress Sofia Vergara Says She's Freezing Her Eggs

Sofia Vergara, the actress who stars in the hit sitcom "Modern Family," has said in an interview that she is undergoing treatments to freeze her eggs in the event that she wants a child in the future. Vergara, 40, is already mother to a 21-year-old son, Manolo.  More from

"I have to be careful what I eat because they're freezing my eggs!" [Vergara] confides to Vogue as she sits down to a lunch interview for their April issue.

"Hormone pills, and then after that it is hormone injections. They want to get as many eggs as they can because usually you produce them but they're not good. They have to be perfect, perfect, perfect ones."

Vergara's fiancé Nick Loeb "is 37, younger than me, never had kids," the Modern Family star notes of her decision to start the process.

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