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Water-Absorbent Toys Recalled Due to Ingestion Risk

Toy balls that are meant to absorb water and grow to 400 times their normal size have been voluntarily recalled after the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) identified the toys as hazards for children who may swallow them before they come into contact with water. CNN reports:

The CPSC said the marble-size toy can be swallowed, and once inside the stomach, it can expand and cause blockage in the small intestine. The toys do not show up on an x-ray and require surgery to be removed, according to the commission.

Nearly 95,000 Water Balz (round shape), Growing Skulls (skull shape), H2O Orbs "Despicable Me" (round shape) and Fabulous Flowers (flower shape) toys were sold in stores in the United States and Canada from 2010 to November 2012.

An 8-month-old Texas girl reportedly ingested a Water Balz last year and underwent surgery to remove the toy. The packaging states the toy "Grows to the Size of a Racquetball!"

Image: Water Balz, via