Parents Hire Drug-Sniffing Dogs for Teens' Rooms

"I was very worried that my daughter was hanging around with kids that were doing drugs," one Houston mother said in a report that aired on TODAY on Monday. Ava, who didn't want her last name used, hired a private company to bring Roxie, a white German shepherd who used to work for the military, into her Houston home to check for illegal drugs.

Ava was worried about what Roxie might find. "Oh, I was very nervous that she was going to find drugs in the garage," she said.

The dog with the super-sensitive nose did indeed find marijuana in the garage, a discovery that was difficult for Ava and her daughter.

"She was upset that I invaded her privacy," Ava said.

But it led to a conversation that Ava believes helped turn her daughter's life around. The girl found a new group of friends and improved her grades.

"The reason why I did it is to keep her safe and off drugs," Ava said.

Ava seemingly got the outcome she wanted. But using a drug-sniffing dog can make matters worse, said child psychologist Jeffrey Gardere, a TODAY contributor.

"Looking for the drugs with a dog, I think, is an overkill," Gardere said on TODAY. "What it comes down to is having a relationship, and I don't know if you can do that if you're bringing in drug-sniffing dogs."

Image: Drug-sniffing dog, via Shutterstock


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