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Model Maggie Rizer Expecting Second Child

Maggie Rizer, the model, is expecting her second son with husband Alex Mehran.  Her older son, Zander, is only 11 months old, and Rizer tells that she is thrilled with the closeness of her kids' ages:

Rizer, 34, grew up with four siblings and hopes to replicate the experience for her own children. "Alex and I always wanted a big family," she explains. "We want to have as many kids as we can — within reason."

The happy announcement follows the devastating loss of the family's beloved golden retriever, Bea, who died on an airline flight in September. Having two children so close in age "will be just about the sweetest thing in the world," she says. "A made-for-you best friend. We feel incredibly blessed."

Image: Maggie Rizer, via Featureflash /