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Disney to Restrict Ads to Include Only Healthier Foods

Disney to Restrict Ads to Include Only Healthier Foods 29689
The Walt Disney Company has announced plans to establish a new set of nutritional standards for all food products that advertise on their television programs, radio stations, and websites.  The initiative is the company's response to the American obesity epidemic, that affects millions of children. The New York Times reports:

The restrictions on ads extend to Saturday-morning cartoons on ABC stations owned by Disney. Under the new rules, products like Capri Sun drinks and Kraft Lunchables meals — both current Disney advertisers — along with a wide range of candy, sugared cereal and fast food, will no longer be acceptable advertising material.

The initiative, which Disney revealed at a Washington news conference with the first lady, Michelle Obama, stretches into other areas. For instance, Disney will reduce the amount of sodium by 25 percent in the 12 million children's meals served annually at its theme parks, and create what it calls fun public service announcements promoting child exercise and healthy eating.

Image: Girl wearing Mickey Mouse ears, via Shutterstock.