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Boy Gives Disney World Trip to Family of Fallen Soldier

Boy Gives Disney World Trip to Family of Fallen Soldier 29677
A 9-year-old boy from Kingston, Massachusetts devised a plan, months in the making, in which he started with a toy soldier, traded it for something of greater value, continued "trading up" until he had earned a full Disney World vacation.  He then donated the trip to a local family who had lost a soldier in the war in Afghanistan. reports:

It's called "A Soldier for a Soldier." Back in February, 9-year-old Kingston boy Brendan Haas wanted to trade for a trip to Disney World.

He started with a toy soldier. From there, the trades got bigger and better with the network growing nationwide, until Brendan met his goal: tickets to Disney World including air fare, a stay at the Disney Villas, and almost $900 in Disney gift certificates.

"I think it would make them a lot happier," Brendan said.

A family of a fallen soldier was chosen randomly from a hat over Memorial Day weekend.

The family of 25-year-old Timothy Steele was chosen for the trip.  Steele left behind a wife and a 2-year-old daughter.

Image: Toy soldier, via Shutterstock.