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Maternity Designer Rosie Pope Gives Birth to Third Child

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Rosie Pope, the maternity designer who is featured on the reality television program "Pregnant in Heels," gave birth to a baby girl Sunday, her third child with husband Daron Pope.  US Weekly reports that Pope live-tweeted during her labor:

"Contractions 3-5 mins apart," Pope tweeted around 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. "Just spoke to my boys, they are excited and got up to say good bye to mom this morning."

"My water just broke!" Pope tweeted thirty minutes later. Eventually, husband Daron took over tweeting and wrote, "Daron here: let the pushing begin! After 1st vomit, she started pushing. She's doing great."

And eventually their little princess arrived!

"This is Daron: our beautiful princess is born!" he tweeted. "Baby and Rosie are doing great!!! What a miracle!"

Image: Rosie Pope, via s_bukley /